'Late Night with Seth Meyers' Will Bring Back an old Friend in 'SNL's Stefon

If you thought that Bill Hader's exit from Saturday Night Live meant you'd have to say goodbye to your favorite city correspondent from SNL's Weekend Update, fear not! Seth Meyers has announced that Stefon will show up on Late Night once he takes over the hot seat on Monday, February 24.

Meyers told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live the exciting — but hold your pants, probable, and eventual — news. He'll turn up "eventually," says Meyers, which means we have to sit tight and stare at our televisions all night. But THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.

In fact, since Meyers' new studio is just down the hall from the Saturday Night Live studio, this means that it will be easy for some old SNL pals to drop by on occasion, but not all the time because it's not going to be a 24/7 reunion, ya know? It's Meyers' brand new thing! Let him be an independent, highly successful and hilarious writer and host, k?

But the show is kicking off with a pretty phenomenal SNL alum - the first episode will feature Amy Poehler as a guest, alongside Vice President Joe Biden. I would venture to say that those both of those names fall in the "big names" category.

Keeping the SNL alum spirit alive, Fred Armisen will be leading the band, proving that both diamonds AND Saturday Night Live are forever. (And maybe Stefon is eternal, too?)

For old times' sake (and because it's relevant to tomorrow's impending national Hallmark holiday), check out some advice Stefon has for you and your loved (or dreaded) one for what to do on Valentine's Day.

Image: Getty Images