MAC Good Luck Trolls Twitter Reactions Prove This Range Is Bringing The Nostalgia — PHOTO

It's not often that a beauty company creates a line that makeup lovers of all ages can get excited about, but MAC's new Good Luck Trolls collection does just that. Filled with everything from brightly colored glitter to face powders, there really is something for everyone to love in the new line. People have already taken to Twitter to share their feelings about the line, and nostalgia seems to be at the root of all the excitement.

Trolls have been around since the 1960s and have made a comeback as the must-have toy in several generations since, becoming especially popular in the '90s. Now the toy's coming back as a DreamWorks movie this summer and has a fabulous to makeup line with it.

Although trolls aren't your typical makeup inspiration, people of all ages are already obsessed with the Good Luck Trolls MAC line. The 22-piece collection is so big and colorful that it's easy to find a product that you'll love. Everything from lipsticks and Lipglasses to eyeshadows and pigments are getting Troll-ified in this range, which means tons of glitter and bold, new colors.

Not to mention the quirky-cute packaging covered in trolls that even features the toy's outline imprinted on all the powders. It's hard not to smile when you see how adorable the products look. Sometimes you can judge a product by it's packaging, especially when it comes from a trusted brand like MAC.

Even though the line won't be out until July 28, Twitter is already super excited. The launch is bringing a lot of nostalgia to the internet. This might just be the most buzzed about summer launch yet!

See, I told you you'd smile when you saw it!

News of this launch came as a shock to me, but someone has been dreaming of this moment.

It'll cost you exactly $450, but who's counting?

Nostalgia at its finest.

Who knew that Trolls had super fans?

It's a makeup line for you and your inner child.

People are serious about their love for Trolls.

Some people are a bit skeptical, but I think they might be missing the point.

Something tells me all the haters will change their minds after seeing how great the products look.

Images: Courtesy of MAC (2)