Um, Why Is Luke Wearing A Suit In These 'GG' Pics?

Every day until the day the Gilmore Girls revival is released in full on Netflix is like one big treasure hunt in my world. I look for any sign I can that this revival is going to be as big and as beautiful as I’m imagining it to be. So, when I saw that series star Scott Patterson posted a picture on Twitter that clearly shows Luke in a tuxedo while filming scenes for the Gilmore Girls revival, I just about died and went to spoiler alert heaven. Because with all of this talk about a wedding taking place in the revival, a picture of the show’s leading man in a suit — something audiences have never seen Luke Danes wear in all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls — I have to wonder if this picture could mean big things for Luke and Lorelai in the revival.

And by big things I, of course, mean a wedding. Ever since pictures were posted to Instagram of a prop marked for the “Wedding” scene in the revival, just about every Gilmore Girls fan everywhere has been dying to know who exactly would be in that wedding. And not only who would be in, but whose wedding it would be. The crowd favorite theory, of course, is that the wedding is Luke and Lorelai’s. And while I may be selfishly tempted to assume that this picture means that Luke and Lorelai are getting married in the revival, it’s definitely not the only option for why Luke is wearing a suit.

Certainly it would take a big event for Luke Danes — a man who lives in flannel shirts and the same hat every day — to put on a fancy suit like the one he’s wearing in the picture posted to Twitter. But wearing something like that isn’t completely out of the question. Especially since the Gilmore Girls revival will reportedly wrestle with Richard Gilmore’s death. If there happen to be any funeral or memorial scenes in the revival, it’s likely that Luke would be properly primped and pressed for a Gilmore event of that nature.

It’s also possible that Luke is in the wedding, if there is one, but that the wedding is not actually his. He could be a groomsman of some sort, or even a best man. (Don’t even get me started on the fantasy I am now playing out in my head about Jess and Rory tying the knot and Luke standing dashingly at Jess’ side.) Then again, it’s also possible that Luke just stepped his fashion game up a notch in the nine years since we’ve seen him in Stars Hollow. He could be dressed to impress for someone else’s big day.

Whatever the reason is, I think it would take a pretty big event for Luke Danes to be caught dead with his hair slicked back like that and in a suit. And a big event equals big things for the Gilmore Girls revival.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures