‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars James & Lala Release “Feeling You” On iTunes & It’s About Pumpin’ Time

For the past several months, I've waited patiently for this day. I am happy to say my wait is finally over: “Feeling You” by James Kennedy featuring Lala Kent is on now iTunes. Yes, for just $1.29, you can scoop up the collaboration the two Vanderpump Rules stars worked on throughout the pitch-perfect fourth season of the Bravo reality television program. At long last, I can spend my hard-earned dough on this jewel of a song, add it to my iPhone’s music library, and fire it up at a moment's notice. Needless to say, I am pumped.

Following in the footsteps of Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy for the Party,” Charles McMansion's "T.I.P.," Luann de Lesseps’s “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” “Good As Gold” by Scheana Shay, “What I Like” by Scheana Shay, and “Shake That” by Scheana Shay, “Feeling You” is yet another stellar addition to the canon of Bravolebrity songs. Bravo, James. Bravo, Lala.

What is it about "Feeling You" that resonates with me so? It checks all of the important boxes: DJ James Kennedy raps, Lala Kennedy sings, the hook is catchy, there is a twinkly piano, there are lasers, there may or may not be a singing chipmunk at the end of the track— What more could you want?

I gotta say, things took a turn for the weird when I tried to buy the song. And I've yet to shake what happened.

When I told iTunes that I would like to acquire "Feeling You" posthaste, this window popped up (as is wont to happen every time I make an iTunes purchase):

Normal, right? Naturally, I clicked the “Buy” button without hesitation. But before I could get to listening to my new favorite tune, iTunes hit me with yet another message window:

Hey, iTunes? What's going on? What's this double confirmation all about? Is this a thing you do now? Or did you not believe me the first time? Or was it because you weren’t quite ready to add this jam to your library? What do you have against "Feeling You"? Why don't you want "Feeling You" and me to be together? What's your damage, iTunes?

Never one to let a computer application get in the way of my Pump Rules obsession, I clicked the "Buy" button (again). You better believe I still wanted to buy "Feeling You" by James Kennedy feat. Lala Kent for $1.29.

Hold on a second. Let me fix that star count.

That's more like it.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; iTunes/Apple (4); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (4)