We Want Everything In This Plus-Size Line

Right before British Plus-Size Fashion Weekend kicked off, luxury plus-size designer Anna Scholz showcased her Spring/Summer collections to a selection of bloggers and media reps. And this was one outstanding line.

Scholz herself is a tall, full-figured woman, and it's obvious that having a body like many of her customers has allowed her to understand them. She knows we want to take risks. She knows we want to wear quirky and fun pieces. And her designs reflect that. Think massive flower patterns, psychedelic butterflies, geometric shapes, leopard prints, risqué lingerie. Yet she also manages to incorporate tuned-down separates that would be perfect for the office. Scholz's collections resonate with the 20-something wanting to look cute for class, the 30-something working gal, and the 40-something mama who still wants style.

Part of the beauty of Scholz's designs go beyond the aesthetics, though. As someone who is on a budget, but is occasionally susceptible to splurging, I really appreciated her range. Pieces from the Simply Be collection start as low as $20, while Scholz's independent line are upwards of $300. But her quality is consistent; Scholz cares about creating something that will last. Her passion for work and her ability to combine sexiness with class are evident — you kind of can't help but want to wear it all.

Speaking of which, I couldn't really resist doing just that. The atmosphere of the evening was so friendly that the staff actually wanted us to try on our favorite pieces, and these were mine. My prize of the night would have to go to this flower-detail jersey jacket. Second place would be the butterfly-print tunic. There is a trippiness factor to this piece that I couldn't help but love. And, of course, the geometric coat — perfection for the polar weather we've been experiencing on both sides of the Atlantic. While this coat is already available in the Simply Be collection, the other items are exclusive to Scholz's independent line, so we'll have to wait just a little longer.

The evening was also a great opportunity to meet some really inspirational women who are spearheading the plus-size blogging scene, among them, blogger and model Georgina Horne, Callie Thorpe, Ulrike Bartos, Gemma Norris, Diana Thomspon, and more. The evening proved that Scholz cares about both the clothes and the consumer, and the sentiment was apparent in her designs.

Image: Getty Images