How Jennifer Aniston's Style Icons Have Influenced Her Fashion Sense Over Time — PHOTOS

Some people were born to be style icons and Jennifer Aniston is one of them. From her gorgeous hair to her constantly changing makeup looks, there's just something so effortlessly cool about everything she wears. Aniston winning People's Most Beautiful Woman for the second time just kind of makes sense. How does she achieve her timeless sense of style? Apparently the secret is having some pretty fabulous beauty icons.

Aniston's fashion sense pretty much deserves its own museum. Between her quirky cool Friends ensembles (not to mention that hair) to the way she can make even the most modern accessories look like they could belong in any decade, Aniston has always been a style star. Whats the key to channeling Aniston's style? Drawing inspiration from three iconic women.

In an interview with People, Aniston listed Gloria Steinem, Lauren Hutton, and Brigitte Bardot as her beauty icons, which completely explains her fashion choices. You can see inspiration from all the women she named in plenty of her past ensembles. It also explains how she nails such an timeless look without even trying.

"I've always though Gloria Steinem was quite stunning for many many reasons besides her exterior," the 47-year old told People. She went on to list the other two ladies, who she refers to as "babes," as the other people she looks up to when it comes to style. Although Aniston describes beauty as "Inner confidence. Peace. Kindness. Honesty. A life well-lived," having gorgeous women to gain inspiration from doesn't hurt either. If you look closely at some of the actress's most fabulous beauty moments, you can see how she might have channeled her three beauty icons.

1. Gloria Steinem

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Steinem has that effortless beauty that Aniston knows so well. She's always had a way of making even the simplest outfit look absolutely stunning. As mentioned above, the Mother's Day star also told People that she looks up to Steinem for more reasons than just her physical beauty.


Just like Steinem, Aniston doesn't need all the bells and whistles to be able to dress up a look. She pulled off a classic tuxedo blazer dress with ease.

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The actress also goes for that no-makeup makeup look a lot, which is something that her first beauty icon has also mastered.

2. Lauren Hutton

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Hutton has always had a way of making trends rather than following them, which is exactly what Aniston does as well. She's also a pro at adding just the right standout accessories to a look without overdoing it.

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Just like Hutton, Aniston knows how to take a simple look and dress it up perfectly. She might be subtle with her fashions sometimes, but she knows just what to add to take an outfit from boring to interesting with just a few statement pieces.

3. Brigitte Bardot


Bardot is effortless cool at all times, but my guess would be that Aniston gets most of her hair inspiration from her. The disheveled blowout and undone up 'dos that the 47-year-old has mastered over the years all started with her third beauty icon.

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Whether she wears it up or down, you can always count on Aniston bringing the texture, which is a beauty trick that Bardot was also known for.

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The more texture, the better!

Excuse me while I add Aniston to my list of icons and hope to get even an ounce of her sense of style to rub off.