11 Struggles Of School Picture Day In The '90s, When The Harsh Light Didn't Work Well With Your Body Glitter

I remember school picture day so vividly, mainly because I hated getting my picture taken. They never came out the way I wanted them too — my smile was weird, one eye was smaller than the other, my center part wasn't straight... It was always something. The struggles of school picture day in the '90s made it a day I dreaded, always spent envying the all the other girls in my class, with their rosy cheeks, cotton candy lip gloss, and impeccable French braided pigtails.

What's funny is that just the other day, I was digging through an old box of photos, flipping through a bunch of picture day disasters from the '90s — and I was able to pinpoint the exact year I stopped being little kid cute and hit the awkward stage full force. Any day now, I'll come out of it. (Kidding.) It brought me back to those years, those innocent years, when the biggest choices I had to make were which slap bracelet to wear, and determining whether or not it matched my jelly shoes and scrunchy.

Picture day was of monumental importance. It was how your peers were going to remember you for the next school year. Everything had to be perfect, and yet, it never failed: One of these things always seemed to get in the way.

1. When You Wanted The Fancy Rainbow Background But Your Parents Wouldn't Let You

Instead, you had to get the sensible, practical gray background. Except for that one year... when Mom was feeling a little daring. Look at how happy I am. I clearly need a sedative.

2. When Your Braces Made You Look Like A Giant Piece Of Metal With A Little Face Attached


At least you didn't have any food stuck in them. Or did you?

3. When The Light Hit Your Body Glitter The Wrong Way And Your Entire Photo Was One Giant Sparkle


You could just barely make out two eyes and a nose.

4. When You Chopped Off Your Hair For The First Time And No One Knew What To Do With It

Still not as bad as the braces.

5. When There Was Obviously Hair Stuck In Your Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker Lip Balm

And the photographer didn't mention this? Really?

6. When Your Bright Pink Scrunchy Didn't Match Your Backstreet Boys Shirt


Poor planning on your part. Accept it.

7. When Your Giant Hat Was Too Big To Fit In The Picture

Blossom made it work... but apparently only Blossom could make it work.

8. When Your Lip Shades Lipstick Broke That Very Morning


OK. Fine. You'll just go with your Lisa Frank lipstick instead.

9. When You Got In Trouble For Your Bra Straps Showing Under You Spaghetti Strap Tank Top


Your parents were so disappointed.

10. When Your Stick-On Earrings Were Clearly Not Symmetrical

How could you ever show your face in school again?

11. When Your Frosted Lipstick Was Too Thick


We all make mistakes.

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