Will Autumn & Gunnar Hook Up On 'Nashville'? Another Love Triangle Could Be Forming

Gunnar and Scarlett may be in a good place with each other, both personally and professionally, right now, but much like age old saying goes — no good thing can last forever. In fact, according to the description for Wednesday night's Nashville episode "Didn’t Expect It to Go Down This Way," viewers can expect to see Autumn drive "a wedge between Gunnar and Scarlett." And while that can definitely be interpreted in a variety of different ways, I'm starting to grow more and more suspicious that this could lead to a Gunnar and Autumn hook-up on Nashville at some point in the near future.

Judging by the way that Scarlett has been looking at Gunnar lately, it's clear that she still has unresolved feelings toward him. It would be easy for Autumn to pick up on, especially given how she's rather rudely stuck her nose into their romantic past. Based on that vindictive expression that came across her face, Autumn clearly didn't take too kindly to Scarlett telling her to basically butt out of their business after she kept blabbing about their love story to anyone who would listen. And even though Scarlett approached the request in the most polite way possible, it felt like she unintentionally ignited a war with the country star, who may think that the best way to get at Scarlett would be through Gunnar.

To be honest, I hope that’s not where this storyline is heading. For starters, Gunnar deserves better than to be used in such a way. (The poor guy's love life has been sad enough as it is.) But more importantly, I grow tired of seeing successful women go up against each other, especially over a guy. Autumn was one of Scarlett's all-time favorite role models, so to see this admiration transform into competition or anger would be very disappointing.

As a professional in the music business, Autumn should be trying to build her new stars up, rather than tearing them apart. Even if Autumn's interference has nothing to do with seducing Gunnar and is more about just turning him against Scarlett career-wise, that still wouldn’t be OK.

Now, if Autumn starts to legitimately fall for Gunnar just because he's that awesome of a person, without any underlying vendetta towards Scarlett, then that's a different story and one I could fully get onboard with. Hopefully, Autumn will live up to the role model status Scarlett has given her by taking this Nashville story in a direction that doesn’t involve any romantic competition.

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