When Will 'Vikings' Return? You Can Fill The Historical Void With These 9 Series

The midseason finale of History Channel’s epic drama Vikings is just around the corner, airing on April 21, and fans are gearing up for Ragnar and Rollo’s legendary face-off. But with such an enticing premise, the likelihood of a cliffhanger is extremely high, making when Vikings returns crucial. How long will we have to wait for new episodes after Thursday night's midseason finale?

When TVLine reported on History renewing Vikings for a 20-episode fourth season, the website also said, "Viewers will get 10 episodes in a row before there’s a break, with the second half to air sometime later in 2016." There still isn't an official return date, but I would estimate a return sometime in the fall. The series was already renewed for another 20-episode fifth season and Vikings tends to premiere in late February. So if Season 4 picks back up again in the fall, it will be able to air those 10 last episodes of the season while leaving enough time for a brief hiatus between seasons.

Until History announces the Vikings Season 4 return date, we'll have to find a way to fill our time without it. So just in case this midseason break lasts longer than your patience, here are nine other shows to watch while you wait that you may also enjoy.

1. Marco Polo

Netflix on YouTube

If you're into historical adventures in uncharted territory, you'll love Netflix's Marco Polo, which chronicles Marco Polo's early experiences in the court of Kublai Khan.

2. Game Of Thrones

screenmetro on YouTube

If you watch Vikings for the ancient epic battles, mysticism, and jaw dropping moments, then you're going to be obsessed with HBO's Game Of Thrones (if you aren't already).

3. The Tudors

experiencebluray on YouTube

Henry VIII's life was stranger than fiction way before Showtime gave it the TV treatment.

4. The Pillars Of The Earth

STARZ on YouTube

This 2010 Starz miniseries is a solid work of historical fiction, based on Ken Follett's 1989 book of the same name.

5. The Borgias


If you thought the Tudors were a historic family with issues, you haven't met Showtime's Borgias family — the progeny of Pope Alexander VI.

6. Black Sails

Machinima on YouTube

In this Starz prequel to Treasure Island, Captain Flint fights to maintain control of his island that is constantly threatened by its host of thieves, crooks, and of course, pirates.

7. Rome

tvduepuntozero on YouTube

HBO's that chronicled Ancient Rome's journey from republic to notorious empire should fill that historic drama-shaped hole in your life.

8. The Bastard Executioner

Series Trailer MP on YouTube

The single-season FX show chronicles the life of a 14th century warrior turned journeyman executioner. Basically, the title says it all.

9. Da Vinci’s Demons

IGN on YouTube

This historical fantasy series chronicled the life of Leonardo Da Vinci who may not have been a viking, but was certainly fascinating.

While there is no real cure for cliffhanger ennui following Vikings' midseason finale, these shows should help ease the symptoms.

Image: Jonathan Hession/History