How Does Amy Schumer Know Rachel Feinstein? The Comedians Have Been Building Each Other Up For Years

Comedian Rachel Feinstein's latest stand-up special debuts on April 23 on Comedy Central, giving Feinstein her first hour-long slot on the network. While numerous comedians have had Comedy Central specials before, there's a unique twist to how Feinstein's is being advertised. Feinstein's upcoming special will be Comedy Central's first under an Amy Schumer Presents title. The full title of the special is Amy Schumer Presents Rachel Feinstein: Only Whores Wear Purple. But, how do Amy Schumer and Rachel Feinstein know each other, anyway?

It's unlikely that fans of Schumer's brand of comedy will be seeing her name on other stand-up specials any time soon – Rachel Feinstein is getting the Schumer bump because she happens to be Amy Schumer's best friend and roommate. Feinstein has appeared on numerous episodes of Inside Amy Schumer and had a small role in Trainwreck. On an episode of The Jim Norton Advice Show, Schumer flat-out refers to Feinstein as her best friend. But, these two seem to have a professional relationship that's as strong as their personal one, and there's plenty of indications that this partnership isn't slowing down anytime soon. Here are just a few examples of how bright this friendship shines.

Pre-Fame Collaborations

A year before Inside Amy Schumer debuted and changed the way that people approached female-focused comedy, Schumer and Feinstein were working together on smaller-scale comedy videos on Youtube dealing with issues that would come up again on Inside Amy Schumer.

The Epitome Of #SquadGoals

Feinstein and Schumer don't just work together — they play together as well. The two of them recently went to go see Rihanna alongside Chris Rock and Lena Dunham — which is the absolute best group of people you could go to a Rihanna concert with.

Friends Who Sext

Feinstein dedicates a portion of her new stand-up special, which Schumer helped executive-produce, by recalling a story of a time that Schumer helped Feinstein get out of a sexting mishap. Because the best way to help a friend get over sending an embarrassing sext is to send an even more embarrassing sext to the same person.

Hard Partiers

Just because you're famous doesn't mean you're immune to blurry party pictures. A true portrait of friendship, Everyone can relate to either being Schumer (having a great time) or Feinstein (realizing you're going to have to take care of your bestie tonight) in this picture.

Friends Who Stay Together, Slay Together

Schumer and Feinstein snapped this picture after taping Feinstein's special, but neither of them are done striving for bigger audiences and larger projects — and as long as they keep building each other up, there won't be anything that can stop them from achieving their goals.

Schumer and Feinstein are inspiring fans and audiences to not limit what they say, and encourage people to find the humor in an incredibly messed up world. Their friendship serves not just as an example of what an ideal friendship looks like on a personal level, but how two smart, creative professionals can help each other get farther in their careers and make the world that they want for themselves. Anyone who seeks to work in comedy, writing, art or any creative field can only hope to find a creative partnership like Schumer and Feinstein have.

Image: Comedy Central