7 'Inside Amy Schumer' Female Comedians That You Need To Know

If you didn't see the Season 3 premiere of Inside Amy Schumer, then I have a question for you: what are you doing with your life? Walk — nay, run! — to your nearest DVR device and turn it on, because Inside Amy Schumer is funnier than ever. "The show continues to prove that ladies are hilarious," is what I would say if that subject of you watching were even up for debate, but it's not. Instead, I'm just going to sit in awe of the insane amount of female comedians attached to Inside Amy Schumer , through performing, writing, and their relationship to Schumer — because, as we all know, female-centric anything is not something often seen in Hollywood.

In the past year, Schumer's fame quotient has skyrocketed, and it's largely because of Inside Amy Schumer's success. She's the writer and star of a new movie directed by Judd Apatow (Trainwreck), and, in April 2015, her sketch show won its first Peabody award. Although Schumer is obviously the raunchy, revolutionary talent at the center of it all, how much she owes to her creative team should not be forgotten: much like a president is nothing without his cabinet, Schumer's series wouldn't be what it is today without the incendiary females whose voices and comedy have directly shaped the content of it.

So, without further ado, here are all the female comics behind Inside Amy Schumer whose names you need to know:

Marina Franklin

Marina Franklin has appeared on the show in a few sketches, and, personally, her stand-up material makes me literally LOL nearly every single time I watch it. At this point, she doesn't have a lot of material on the web, but if you haven't seen her set in the amazing comedy special Women Who Kill (which also features Amy Schumer), then you are missing out.

Tig Notaro

TheNthDoctor on YouTube

Tig Notaro has been brilliant for years, but it wasn't until a set about her battle with breast cancer went viral that people really started to take notice. While it's unfortunate that such a tragic event was the impetus for her rise in popularity, it worked mainly because Notaro did such a beautiful and hilarious job of mining her tragedy for comedy. She's been a member of IAS's writer's room since Season 1, and the clip above demonstrates her ability to make sweet, comedic lemonade out of life's bitter, humorless lemons.

Christine Nangle

iwannahaveyourbaby on YouTube

Christine Nangle had the dual-responsibilities of writing for both IAS and Kroll Show at the same time. While she doesn't often appear on Inside Amy Schumer, she's a hilarious performer — in fact, she has her own web series, "I Wanna Have Your Baby," in which her character is an uncouth surrogate-mother-for-hire with an "unusually strong birth canal" who makes her money having babies for rich mothers who can't conceive. It's hilarious, and remarkably similar in style to many of the sketches on IAS, suggesting Nangle's voice has a deep influence in the writer's room. Bonus: the above clip from "I Wanna Have Your Baby" features Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon!

Rachel Feinstein

Foul-mouthed, no-nonsense comedian Rachel Feinstein is a longtime friend of and collaborator to Schumer. Feinstein's entry in this list is part two in the Women Who Kill trilogy, and her performance in that special is indicative of how much these comics learn from each other.

Jessi Klein

Like Christine Nangle, Jessi Klein is also an alum of the Kroll Show writer's room. She's appeared in a handful of episodes of IAS and has numerous comedy specials of her own — but what you might not know is that Klein is the executive producer and head writer for Inside Amy Schumer. With wits as sharp as Wisconsin Cheddar, the show may revolve around Schumer, but it's Klein calling the shots. Also, for the love of all that is sweet and pure in the world, don't describe her as a "sexy librarian."

Nikki Glaser

Like Return of the Jedi before her, Nikki Glaser brings a conclusion to the so-called Women Who Kill trilogy (seriously, just watch it. I'll loan you my Netflix login if you don't have one). Glaser may be the most famous comic on this list, if only in the sense that she has an inordinate amount of material you can watch online. Her joke structures are very similar to Schumer's, but her delivery and persona are very much her own.

Bridget Everett

Closing out the list is Bridget Everett; a fitting choice since she's also been the closing performer both season finales of Inside Amy Schumer. Last year, the Village Voice called her the most exciting performer in New York City, and Schumer herself frequently describes Everett as best friend and hero. There's no mystery as to why: Everett brings a manic rawness to the stage that delights as much as it unnerves.