Is Thigh Chafing Normal? It's More Common Than You Might Think

Summer is upon us, and with it are some minor annoyances — and perhaps among the worst of all of summer's frustrations is sweat, and its sometime companion, thigh chafing. It's certainly no fun in the hot summer months, but is thigh chafing normal?

Well, fortunately and unfortunately, yes: Thigh chafing is 100 percent normal, especially if you're something of an exercise enthusiast. It usually presents itself as a raised red rash (or, in bad cases, even blisters) between the legs, that can often sting like a burn. As mentioned above, thigh chafing also happens to be a tad more common in the summertime, as sweat doesn't exactly help the situation — in fact, according to WebMD, wet skin definitely makes it worse.

That said, sweat's not the only factor — increased friction (such as the kind that might be caused by running), as well as increased contact (which happens when you swap out your pants for summer dresses and shorts) also work together to cause chafing.

With all that in mind, thigh chafing is no barrel of laughs — it's uncomfortable as all heck (seriously, it burns). But it's nothing to be embarrassed about; it can happen to anyone and everyone. Luckily, there are lots of solutions for thigh chafing to be found, from physical barriers like bike shorts, to friction-reducing products that can double as a mattifying face primer in a pinch.

Plus, while you're waiting for those prevention tips to kick in, there are also many effective ways to treat your thigh chafing. First and foremost, it's important to do your best to keep the area clean and dry — anything from a specially-formulated balm to good old fashioned baby powder can help you in that respect.

Yes, thigh chafing is a huge summer bummer, but it's completely normal — and you're certainly not alone!

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