Tweets Are The New Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day is supposed to bring out the mush and love and sweet tooth in all of us, right? Sure. But way before Twitter, we bought drugstore cartoon-themed Valentine's Day cards for our class at school, and we may have gotten giggly when we received cards back from boys. But wouldn't it have have been so much better to get messages from the Backstreet Boys (I'm aging myself) and Jonathan Taylor Thomas instead? Well, fast-forward to today, Feb. 14, 2014 — and male celebrities are sending their fans messages on the day of love. Harry Styles, Austin Mahone, and other celebs have tweeted Valentine's Day messages to their female followers — but I'm just not buying some of them.

Ranging from the kinda-sincere to cute to WTF, there's a roundup below of who said what on the day that Cupid is busiest — but it looks like guys are more into album promotion than love these days.

Not surprisingly, Justin Bieber started the day off by getting on the unromantic fail train. After all your fans have been through with you, and this is the statement you give them? No "I love my Beliebers" jazz? No puns about making someone "one less lonely girl?"

Austin Mahone did slightly better, but not really. He seems nice and cute but is only interested in chasing paper at the moment. You cannot combine love and iTunes sales, Austin. It's just not romantic.

Oh, Harry Styles. By adding on a hundred y's at the end of the word "day," it makes you look flaky and not willing to commit. Which I don't really think you are. This tweet sounds like it was dashed off in a second and the "kiss kiss" at the end is like all, "Muah babe, I'm off to break your heart, catch you later!"

CODY SIMPSON. You're 17-years-old. I do not want to think about you in a Victoria's Secret. And thanks for perpetuating the idea that Valentine's Day is only about hot sex. And again, you're underage. So, just... no.

Well, well. This is unexpected. Hi to you, too, Chris Brown. I'm loved and appreciated by you? Thank you for the sentiment. Please stay in rehab until this tweet reflects your thoughts and actions every day of the year for the rest of your life.

Niall Horan, you seem nice and sweet. And you're right, Valentine's Day is all about having fun, so I'm giving you the only solid thumbs up so far.

Oh, but wait. There's a dark horse that just entered this Valentine's Day tweet-off. What man could it be with the perfect message AND photo?

Image: Getty Images; JamesFrancoTV/Instagram