Ramona Singer & Dorinda Medley Fight On 'Real Housewives Of New York' & They Could Be The Next Bethenny & Jill

The Real Housewives franchise isn’t exactly the best platform for friendships — while dedicated viewers like myself have seen some strong female friendships on the show, it’s mostly just women screaming at each other. In fact, we’ve seen a few solid pairings crumble under the weight of Real Housewives. Remember what happened to Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel on Real Housewives Of New York? That was an ugly breakup, and RHONY may be on its way to another one — that of Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer.

It all started when Bethenny said something to Dorinda about how allegedly sleazy Dorinda’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian, was. Bethenny came at it from an angle of trying to help Dorinda and perhaps remove her from a bad relationship, but boy, did it all come out wrong. Unfortunately, timing nor tact have never been Ramona Singer’s strong suit, and Ramona — who has been one of Dorinda’s closest friends for over two decades — decided to pile on her own dislike of John. Bethenny and Dorinda aren’t that close, but Ramona and Dorinda are, and Dorinda was none the pleased that Ramona decided to put her relationship on blast in front of the whole cast and some very nice ladies doing bra fittings (a lingerie party was the ploy to get them all together). I wouldn’t be happy either — why is one of your best friends calling you out in front of a crowd?


Ramona is used to saying inappropriate things and then being automatically forgiven for them, but Dorinda was so hurt by Ramona’s words that I don’t think that that forgiveness will come soon. A lot of the drama on Real Housewives Of New York (and, okay, all of the other franchises) is manufactured, but this strife between Ramona and Dorinda felt real. They have a real friendship, and that friendship is in jeopardy here. To paraphrase Dorinda, you can crack a mirror and still use it, but you know the mirror is still cracked. Dorinda and Ramona tried to have a dinner to smooth this all over, but it ended at an impasse. Will these two keep their friendship alive? Only Real Housewives Of New York time will tell.

Images: Dave Kotinsky/Bravo; Giphy