Did Matt Cheat On Briana From 'Little Women: LA'? The Cast Confronted Her With Upsetting Claims

Amid all of the very happy baby news in the Little Women: LA Season 4 finale, there was also an emotional intervention when the entire cast confronted Briana over her husband, Matt — again. Terra lead Jasmine and Tonya, then added Elena and Christy, in an alliance to claim to Briana that Matt has been cheating by sexting women online. In Season 3, he admitted to having an online relationship with a woman but claimed it was while he and Briana were not together. However, these new allegations suggested that he was actively looking to cheat on Briana, or at least contact other women during their own relationship.

All of the Little Women: LA stars' claims were based on multiple women who allegedly contacted Terra and Tonya, while Briana herself claimed that she had previously been contacted by a woman Matt had allegedly been communicating with. Even though Briana has been firm about her support of her husband, she broke down in front of the other cast members when they discussed all of this, saying she wished she could cut off the relationship, but wants to stick with the man she chose to marry and will soon have a baby with. But finding out that Matt's issues might go a lot deeper than just a single woman and a complicated past seemed to deeply hurt her. "Marriage, for better or for worse, you work it out. If he has an issue, you see it through," she said. The other ladies... did not agree.

The other cast members have also expressed concern over a report from Radar Online that Matt had been arrested for alleged domestic violence in a previous relationship. According to the report, he was charged with second-degree assault and domestic violence in 2012, but never went to trial. Instead, he completed the Friendship Diversion Program, which involves counseling and community service. Prior to this report, Briana had defended Matt against accusations of domestic violence (put forth by her sister on Little Women: LA), telling In Touch, "Matt has never harmed another woman and has never touched me ... I wouldn’t even be with a man who had to question, let alone [do] anything that had to do with physical violence." Briana also once said on the show, according to Starcasm, "He was arrested for assault. He wasn’t charged. He was cleared of the charges. Matt said he didn’t do anything wrong so I believe him. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?" The same Starcasm article also noted that Matt's statements about the alleged incidents had "been removed by request."

Though the cast has worried over these claims before, in the Season 4 finale, their sit-down with Briana focused on Matt allegedly cheating on her by sexting other women. And even after Briana expressed her inner conflict over these claims, all of the other ladies had a rare moment of agreement in order to tell her that they think Matt is bad news and marriage vows aren't enough to excuse this alleged behavior. They all wanted Briana to know that they are there for her, and that she will be able to find love in her life without Matt, but might not be able to fix her current relationship without major changes.

I hope those changes are happening, because Briana said that she and Matt were still living together. And judging from her cheerful Instagram posts, they're currently in some form of a relationship, whether it's romantic or they're just trying to be good co-parents. Either way, there may be some deep emotional work to be done, as Briana seemed deeply hurt in the season finale.

But there is some good news. Not only has Briana received the support of her Little Women: LA costars, she also recently celebrated her birthday with other close friends. Hopefully, that birthday celebration included her family, since they've also been conflicted about Matt in the past and she needs support during this emotional time. Whatever choice Briana makes about the future of her marriage should be revealed in the Little Women: LA Season 4 reunion, and no matter what it is, I just hope she finds a way to be happy.

Image: Richard Knapp/Lifetime