John Mahdessian Confronts Bethenny Frankel On 'Real Housewives Of New York' & It Makes Things Go From Bad To Worse

Real Housewives Of New York has a new Simon Van Kempen. That’s right — there’s a new man on the block to barge into the housewives’ festivities to fight with the other women under the guise of hanging out with their significant others. It’s John Mahdessian, boyfriend of newish housewife Dorinda Medley. This season of Real Housewives Of New York is only two episodes in and John is already arguing with the cast, including a heated exchange with Bethenny Frankel. Oh boy.

It all started when Bethenny confronted Dorinda with the fact that she thought John was sleazy and shouldn’t be pitching business ideas to Bethenny without Dorinda’s knowledge. Ramona had some stuff to add here, too, and it did not make Dorinda feel any better. Anywho, John was mysteriously tipped off that Bethenny was talking about him, and he came in, guns blazing and vodka guzzled, to tell Bethenny off. And oh boy, it did not go well. John’s first mistake was to insult Bethenny’s business and tell her that she stole the Skinny Girl name, which unlocks Bethenny’s beast mode setting and lets her go off on whatever unlucky opponent is in front of her. Really, though, John was very, very drunk, and Bethenny was very, very calm, and it just made John look much worse than he already did. Dorinda eventually pushed him out of the room, but he kept carrying on and it was like watching a car accident. Yikes.


I get that John would want to defend himself, but part of Bethenny’s argument toward John and Dorinda is that they love to drink way too much and party until the break of dawn. Maybe don’t show up three martinis in if you’re trying to say that you don’t actually drink as much as everyone says? Instead of helping his cause, John definitely hurt himself here. Will he chill out and be accepted by the other women? Anything could happen, but so far it just looks like he picks a fight every week with the housewives. We’ll see!

Images: Matthew Eiseman/Bravo; Giphy