'Catfish' Couple Tyreme & Tomorrow Involves A Brand New Kind Of Deceit

It's hard to imagine feeling an intense, serious romantic connection to someone you've never met, but it's definitely possible — just ask all the people who have turned to Catfish as a way to meet the love of their life. And on this week's episode of Catfish , couple Tyreme and Tomorrow is a classic case of a years long Facebook relationship that has finally gone as far as it can go before these two need to meet in person, but then, there's the usual problem. There's that chance that Tomorrow isn't who she says she is... and regardless of who she really is, she's definitely bringing the drama.

The story begins as they all do — Tyreme and Tomorrow meet online, fall in love, and for every reason under the sun can never manage to meet in person. And it doesn't help that Tomorrow seems super sketchy, too. She won't meet him, she won't send him videos of herself... something is definitely up.

So Nev and Max started their investigation as per usual, including the reverse phone number lookup. Her number led them to someone named Christ Rockwell, who could be a girl named Christina Rockwell, who's friends with Tomorrow on Facebook. And when you type the number in, it leads to someone named Shadeija. Nev and Max's theory: All of these people could be catfishing Tyreme as a group effort, so it's time to update him on what's going on.

Here's what they know for sure from their research? "Tomorrow" is using a girl named Aryssa's photos, and the ultrasound she sent him actually belonged to Shadeija. The real question is whether or not it's just Shadeija catfishing him or all of these people, and poor Tyreme is already heartbroken as it is. But then, Nev gets a text from Christina, who says they should come to her town and "we'll" explain then. Yikes!

So off they go, and it's time to go meet up. Before they leave, Tyreme is still optimistic that he could be in love with the person who he's been talking to, if she's truly been honest about her feelings for him this whole time. They pull up to the address they were given, and they meet up with Christina, who says that until now, she's only heard of Tyreme. She admits that she feels kind of responsible... and then brings Latrice outside.

Long story short, Latrice is Tomorrow, and she's been lying about what she looks like, but admitted that she is still in love with Tyreme — but she knows he's not attracted to her because when "Tomorrow" asked him what he thought about Latrice, he said some pretty rude things about her appearance and her weight. They decide to take a break until the next day, and when they meet up again, it's totally heartbreaking.

Latrice lays it all out there: She's in love with Tyreme and wants a life with her, and wants to know why she's not good enough for anyone because of the way she looks. OK, it was wrong of her to lie to Tyreme, but it's incredibly sad to see she feels that way! There's good news in the update, though: Since then, they've become friends, and still talk every day. So I guess a happy ending is possible in the Catfish universe?

Image: catfishmtv/Twitter