Maddie Seeks Emancipation On 'Nashville' & Her Relationship With Her Family Could Be Damaged Forever

Another day, another teenage meltdown on Nashville. Maddie, daughter of Deacon Claybourne and Rayna James, has been going through the teenage moody blues for a while now, but she has really hit peak teenager in recent episodes. Since she’s broken up with Colt and started writing music with Cash (who has the coolest name ever, by the way), Maddie’s been stuck in that whole “no one understands me, I’m an adult phase.” Kid, you’re 16. You are the furthest thing from an adult. I would trust a toddler before I would trust you. Anyway, she is fed up with her parents, and Maddie’s seeking to emancipate from them. Yikes.

All of Maddie’s teenage angst came to a head when Cash snuck Maddie out of the Claybourne/James mansion to play an underground music club. Mind you, Maddie is still only 16. Anyway, Deacon found out and went down to the club to retrieve his kid, saw some guys trying to grope his daughter while she was on stage, and understandably went ballistic. Cash was all, “you’re ruining your daughter’s life,” which leads me to believe that she also has the emotional maturity of an acorn. Following this scene, Maddie ran away to Cash’s house and talked to a lawyer about getting emancipating from her parents. Apparently, that big Sony deal she had a few months back is calling her name, and she can’t have it unless she’s free and clear of the parentals.


Watching Maddie is frustrating because we were all teenagers once, and when you’re an adult you look back at those years and think, “Damn, I was stupid.” I know that’s what Maddie will think when she hypothetically does the same. Her parents are so clearly just trying to protect her, but she can’t see the forest from the trees and thinks they’re just out to ruin her life. This character turn is actually so boring because it’s so expected. That’s what teenagers do, right? I’d much rather see some more on poor old Daphne. That pre-teen doesn’t get enough love. Maddie should stay put, ditch Cash, and start recording more tunes with her kid sister. Then, all would be right with the world.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; Giphy