Gunnar's Ex Kiley Returns To 'Nashville' & Might Bring Bad News For Scunnar 'Shippers

Gunnar has finally gotten over the “my-brother-slept-with-my-ex-girlfriend-and-they-had-a-son” thing on Nashville, and he’s back to doing what we like him to do: writing music, performing, and obsessing over Scarlett. Like usual. But the show never lets us rest for very long, and I’m willing to bet that when Gunnar’s ex Kiley returns to Nashville, her time in Music City will be spent trying to get him back.

When we last saw Kiley, we had a definitive view of the back of her head, because homegirl was leaving town in order to be with her new boyfriend. Why didn't she bring her 10-year-old son, Micah? The new boyf wasn’t so keen on having kids, so Kiley left Micah with Gunnar, who she said was his dad. Bye, Kiley, see you never! After a few episodes and in the middle of a custody battle, Gunnar discovered that Micah only shares part of his DNA, because — gasp — his brother is actually Micah’s father. Yep, the felon brother that died. It’s really lucky that Kiley was gone, because she would have had some serious ‘splaining to do. Since Gunnar is not actually one of Micah’s parents, Kiley’s parents got custody and I didn't have to deal with Micah anymore. (Come on, you know he was annoying.)

Still, I don’t think this whole Kiley-and-Gunnar is over. When Kiley drags herself to Nashville, I really fear that she and Gunnar will reconcile and reunite. Gunnar is, of course, pining away over there for Scarlett, but since she’s too busy canoodling with Dr. Deacon Guy (I haven’t bothered to learn his real name, since that’s how long I think he’ll be on the show), I totally see Gunnar saying, “well, I can have a relationship, too!” Nothing cures unrequited love than getting back together with a woman who betrayed you, right?

Kiley’s return could be the catalyst to push along the Scarlett and Gunnar relationship. As soon as Deacon’s liver is fixed, Scarlett will drop Dr. Deacon Guy like a bad habit. Her jealousy over Kiley will also help, and maybe, finally, she and Gunnar can get back together.

A relationship between Kiley and Gunnar wouldn’t be healthy for Kiley either. We know that she's struggled to make a few different relationships work, and it seems to me like she’s just looking for someone to love, not necessarily Gunnar. Maybe Gunnar could help her realize that so she can focus on herself.

If you guys will just excuse me for a second, I just have to say a little something to Gunnar. Kiley just up and bailed on Micah, Gunnar, so what makes you think that she wouldn’t just up and bail on you, too? Also, she slept with your brother — and it doesn't seem like you've moved past that yet. Forget the nostalgia of getting back together with your first love and run in the other direction. Do you know what the world would be like if we all reunited with our first loves? Very strange, to say the least.

Whew. Feels good to get that off my chest. Are you ready for Kiley’s return? I’m not. But I’ll certainly be watching.

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