11 Statement-Making Sunnies To Upgrade Your Look

There's something about intensely-colored, weirdly-shaped, statement making sunglasses that will take your outfit to another level. Whether they're in the shape of honeycombs or hearts, come in popsicle colors or frosted pastels, or sport interesting features like palm trees on the sides or flip-up lenses, they'll definitely make a statement.

While going with a classic shape will always be stylish, sometimes a person wants to make a splash. Taking risks with fashion, adding on zany accessories to a look, and experimenting with playful trends can be incredibly fun and liberating. This isn't to say that the classics are bad choices. After all, at one point in time, these shapes might have been radical in their own right. Just try to imagine the confusion of first seeing a guy wearing Aviators while out grocery shopping... and not flying a plane. Or the side-eyes the first woman to wear cat-eye sunglasses must have received. It's not like the latter is a tame shape in the slightest.

Now that winter is officially behind us and the summer clothes are coming out, however, consider pumping up your sense of adventure and trying out playful new shades. Below are 11 statement making sunglasses that will upgrade your look.

1. Prepster Sunglasses

Cactus Preppy Cateye Sunglasses, $30,

With the see-through frames, the cotton candy pink hue, and the ombre green lenses, these sunnies feel like a throwback to the princess sunglasses you might have worn back when you were five. But that's the charm of them: They're playful and sweet and look like something you'd wear to drink margaritas and eat popsicles in.

2. Matte-Accent Aviator Sunglasses

Matte-Accent Aviator Sunglasses, $12.50,

They're like Aviators, but with a futuristic twist. With the pointed, slight cat-eye shape, these sunnies have an extra kick than your run of the mill pair.

3. Square Cat Eyes

Highbrow Square Cat Eye Sunglasses, $19.50,

If a surrealist got his hands on sunglasses, I feel like this is what he'd come up with. With jagged edges and a vibe that's both The Jetsons and vintage, a pair like this would look amazing with your summer dresses and patio Sunday brunches.

4. Round Sunglasses

Cheap Monday Moon Round Sunglasses, $49,

Talk about a statement! Whether you're channeling Edna from The Incredibles or smokin' New Yorker Iris Apfel, these dark frames will totally make you stand out during your Sunday morning bagel run.

5. Tinted Shades

Clear Blue Eyes Tinted Shades, $11.30,

Choosing a pair of shades that is tinted and clear give you a '70s vibe that is pretty irresistible for the springtime. Pair your sunnies with culottes or mod dresses and you could be channeling Edie Sedgwick.

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6. Catty Sunnies

Quay Invader Gold Sunglasses, $45,

Put up the heat on the cat-eye and go all-out feline. Instead of rocking the '50s version of the classic shape, try a more rounded, outlined pair like this metallic one. It'll look amazing with your swimsuit when you're trying to hail the ice cream man over at the beach.

7. Milky Sunglasses

Cheap Monday Love Milky Sand Sunglasses, $36,

The milky, nude color of these shades will literally go with any and every outfit. They'd be an investment because of their willingness to play nice with your outfits.

8. Acid Green Sunnies

Cheap Monday Moon Acid Green Sunglasses, $43,

Instead of coasting by with metallics and neutral shades, make a statement in color. Try on sunnies that come in a bold color like this acid green pair, and make your outfits pop against the electric shade. Just look at how it brings out the blue in her nautical shirt — it'd be a completely different outfit if she just opted for simple sunnies.

9. Flashy Pink Specs

Le Specs Flashy Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses, $64.50,

Play up your inner Betty Draper with these exaggerated cat-eye sunglasses, either topping off your gingham dress or giving your minimalist outfit a retro twist. Bonus points if you wear these with a leather jacket and channel your inner Rizzo.

10. Flip-Up Lenses

Jeepers Peepers Round Mirror Flip Up Lens Sunglasses, $30,

That's right, looking like a dad from the '80s is super hot right now (slash when wasn't it?). So get on board with these flip-up lenses: Ones that will give your outfits a sporty, slightly boyish touch.

11. Two-Tone Sunnies

Waverley Wayfarer Sunglasses, $20,

Create interest in your outfit with two-tone sunglasses. On the one hand, the nude color will create a neutral backdrop for your look, and on the other the bright burst of blue will give it some edge. It's the best of both worlds.

So whether you're looking for color, size, or shape, one of these sunnies will elevate your spring looks to a whole other level. Now get brave with your looks and experiment with these fun new shapes!

Images: Courtesy Brands