This Is The Secret To The Perfect Tinder Photo

Picking the best Tinder photo can be difficult, but there are some hacks to make sure your photo leads to more matches, because who knows better than Tinder CEO's Sean Rad? According to Business Insider, Rad thinks we underestimate how much information a simple photo can reveal about us. Which makes sense, as so many people instantaneously decide whether or not someone is a potential mate (for sex, a relationship, or something in between) based on a cursory glance at their first profile photo.

Rad answered some questions about what makes the perfect Tinder photo at Advertising Week Europe in London recently, and said that the numbers show the most important thing is to be yourself. Poses that look fake or model-y" are not the answer, but ones that show your environment or your interests, and are a little more authentic, have much better luck. He explains:

The data shows this: When your photo expresses something about your interests — like a skier skiing — or something about your personality, you do better. You do better as in you get more matches. I always tell people to be yourself.

Which sounds like good advice to me. Interestingly, he also explained that Tinder's algorithms work to help those who have trouble finding matches. He says that "We give them a little boost to get extra love and attention and hopefully they end up meeting someone."

So besides being yourself, what else do you need to make the perfect photo on dating apps? Here's what we know from past surveys and interviews. But first, check out the latest episode of our Sex and Relationships podcast, "I Want It That Way":

1. Wear Color

So it turns out most people black or a white in their Tinder photo. Data from 12,000 profile photos showed they were by far the most popular, so if you want to stand out in your photo think bright.

2. NOT A Selfie

Amanda Bradford of The League tells Bustle to say no to selfies. In fact, The League will let you know if your photos are all selfies that you need an update. I don't blame them. Someone with a selfie— or worse, a bathroom mirror selfie— always puts me off. Do you have no friends? No other pictures? Something always seems off.

3. Don't Hide Your Face

Bradford also warns that hiding your face is big no-no. Whether that's with sunglasses or just keeping your face in shadow. It's about you showing yourself to the world and potential daters, so obviously they're going to want to see what you look like.

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