Old Photos Of Blac Chyna Show Her Changing Style Over The Years

It's no secret that the Kardashian-Jenners love sharing old school photos of themselves. When it comes to wishing each other happy birthdays, celebrating holidays, or just showing how much they love one another, the Kardashians share throwback photos all the time. Well, the same can be said for their future family member, Blac Chyna. Yep, Rob Kardashian's fiancée (or maybe wife?) also shares photos of herself from back in the day on social media. With that, let's check out some old photos of Blac Chyna.

As you can see below, just like she does today, the 27-year-old model totally worked the camera when she was younger. Whether she was posing for a picture as a teen in middle and high school or taking photos with family and friends, Chyna managed to steal the show. Uh oh. The Kardashians better watch their backs, or she just might manage to steal their spotlight from time to time, especially when it comes to who shared the best throwback pics.

You can be the judge for yourself, but if you ask me, Chyna still pretty much looks like her old self from many years ago. Check it out.

Here She Is In Middle School

Totally cheesing for the camera.

Here She Is With Curls

And she rocks them, too.

Here She Is At 15

If you ask me, she really hasn't changed that much.

Here She Is At 17

Definitely more grown up here.

Here She Is At Several Different Ages

There's no doubt Chyna loves to change her look from time to time.

Here She Is At A Hair Salon

I'm not sure if she's working or just going to get her hair done. Either way, she looks happy.

If you want more old photos of Chyna, follow her on Instagram. I have a feeling she'll be posting a lot more.