Victoria's Secret Might Be Ending Swimwear

The kickoff to beach season is about a month away, and if you haven't started to think about bathing suit shopping, you might want to hurry up and get on it, because Victoria's Secret might be ending swimwear. According to People, the lingerie company is rumored to be making some major change ups. But before you panic, here's everything we know so far.

If Victoria's Secret is your go-to spot to shop for summer swimwear (raises hand), then your mind is going to be completely blown when you hear that they are, allegedly, ending their swimwear line. CNBC reported that at an investor's meeting in March, the lingerie brand talked refocusing, with plans to “reduce its promotions, eliminate the catalog, and stop selling certain categories.” Yep — you read that right. The print catalog is also dunzo. What is happening?!

Though I get the end of the catalog — everything is online these days, anyway — the end of swimwear is a bit more surprising. I would have thought it was a pretty high selling point for the company, especially given the new annual swim fashion show they started two years ago. I know it's not as popular as the lingerie show in December, but still! It was pretty buzzed about.

According to a press release from L Brands (Victoria's Secret's parent company), the will be focusing on their core merch categories, "where the company believes the greatest growth potential exists." Swim is really only shopped for a few months out of the year, so though it's popular, maybe it isn't as profitable?

So do you need to panic? Beyond sending the release, a rep for Victoria's Secret has declined Bustle's request for comment, but People did report that Pink will still be making swimwear, so you can at least get swimsuits in some capacity.

R.I.P (maybe) VS Swim.