The Next Kylie Cosmetics Restock Is Coming Soon

Just a couple of days ago, Kylie Cosmetics announced that a restock wouldn’t happen for another week, but things change and apparently, sometimes for the better. Kylie Jenner couldn’t keep us waiting for her precious lippies too long. The company announced on April 21 that a restock could happen much sooner than originally planned. But, what will the next Kylie Cosmetics restock include? Well, they can’t give us too much good news at once and let us in on those details, just yet. Stay tuned for more info to be released on Jenner’s app and website, though.

Jenner started teasing new “secret” colors just recently, posting a black and white photo of new shades. Will these be included in the restock that’s coming soon? You can never be too sure with how this girl will surprise us next! It was previously stated that it would be just mattes and “maybe” metals going on sale. But, the updated restock information came with a photo of mattes and metals, so I'm thinking the metallic shades will definitely be in the mix. The fact that the metallic colors will *likely* be included might be the only surprise in store for us this time. But hey, that’ll do for me! Those metals are stunning.

Keeping up with Kylie Cosmetics has become as much of a sport as keeping up with the rest of the Kardashian clan, but it’s worth all of the effort. Especially if new shades are coming soon!

It's always a good day when you find out restock news, isn't it?

Her app and website is the place to go for all of the details.

Could that include information on her upcoming shades? I surely hope so!

Even if new shades aren't coming quite yet, these metallic ones will definitely hold me over until they're available.

Because I'd love to hold these in my hands.

Or better yet, wear them on my lips!

With this next restock happening soon, all of the Kylie Cosmetics fans will likely have the chance to score matte and metallic lippies (and possibly new shades, too), but as always, you better act fast. The only thing you can ever know for sure about a restock is whatever is available won't be around long!