11 Reasons Cher From 'Clueless' Was Actually The Worst

Pretty much every millennial has a soft spot for '90s movies and '90s movie characters. Despite their silly catchphrases and unfortunate clothing choices, these people were generally relatable, likable, and sometimes even enviable. There are plenty of '90s characters that I'm still infatuated with today, but there's one beloved individual that I could just never get on board with: Cher Horowitz. Before you hit me in the face, let me explain why I'm not a fan of Cher from Clueless. And no, it has nothing to do with that tartan outfit.

A lot of people have made the argument that Cher is a feminist character because she stands up for what she believes in, has self-respect, and is genuinely goodhearted. And I'll willingly grant her that. But I would also argue that she has some not-so-great traits that shouldn't be ignored. Despite her efforts to do good in the world, Cher is self-absorbed, superficial, and overall a poor role model. But Clueless' status as a cult film means that the character has staying power, so "As if" will remain in the lexicon of movie viewers for years to come, regardless of what people think of Cher herself. That doesn't mean, though, that we have to totally ignore all the things that are bothersome about her, such as"

1. Her Need To Be Popular


Cher is a little caught up in the idea of being Queen Bee, and thinks that her popularity is what gives her power.

2. Her Ideas About Romance


Cher's thoughts about how to snag a guy are very antiquated.

3. This Speech

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The good intentions are there, but the delivery shows just how sheltered Cher is.

4. Her Excessive Spending Habits


Cher has had a very privileged upbringing, resulting in a undeniable preoccupation with material things (like her clothes, car, house, etc).

5. Her Unintentional Ignorance

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The phrase "I don't speak Mexican" is just unacceptable, even if Cher does feel bad about it afterwards.

5. Her Obsession With Her Appearance


Girl needs to reevaluate her sense of self-worth; for much of the movie, she focuses more on her looks than practically anything else.

6. Her Obsession With Everyone Else's Appearance

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Cher's attempt to change Tai comes from a place of compassion, but it also shows her belief that everyone needs to look, sound, and act a certain way. Plus, Tai actually morphs into a not-so-nice character after the makeover.

7. Her Catchphrases


And every other Valley Girl-ism that was sparked by this movie, encouraging stereotypes of teenage girls as being ditzy and inarticulate.

8. Her Constant Judgment Of Everybody


Cher spends multiple monologues scoffing about other people for the way they dress and act, and they come off a little harsh (even if '90s boys did wear overly baggy pants).

9. Her Reaction To Getting Turned Down By A Boy


Again, Cher is convinced that her self-worth is directly tied to her appearance. It's pretty sad, actually.

10. Her Insults About Other Women


Cher sometimes accidentally says rude things about people, but in other cases, her words are just mean-spirited.

11. ...And That Outfit


Okay, I lied. I hate it. I'm not perfect, either.

Cher is by no means a bad person, but in my opinion, her flaws outweigh her good points. So although some people see Cher as a charming character for the ages, I really wish she would've just stayed in the '90s.

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