Why Does Kylie Jenner Have Short Hair? Did She Really Make The Chop?

If you were scrolling through Instagram Thursday morning as per usual and had a total legit panic moment when you saw Kylie Jenner's latest post, you're definitely not alone. So what the heck is going on — why does Kylie Jenner have short hair?! Did she cut it? Is it a wig? And more importantly — should you cut yours now? I mean, it does look so fierce right? Keep calm — here's exactly what the deal is.

Kylie Jenner switches her hair up on the regs, you know this, but when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw Kylie with an edgy, super short cut and bangs, I did a serious double take. This seems a little extreme — even for Kylie. Not that she doesn't look fab with it, but the chin length, shaggy crop and textured bangs are a totally different look for the 18-year-old, so there has to be somewhat of a catch.

Turns out — there totally is. A follow up picture captioned that the photos are for her Marie Claire shoot, so she didn't actually make any drastic or permanent chops. It's most likely a wig because, you know, she started them and all.

She almost looks unrecognizable.

But as you can see from the caption — this look isn't here to stay. But don't get too comfortable with her hair, because it is going to change again. You know it.