Jennifer Hudson's "Purple Rain" Cover Is Perfect

If you want someone to do a tribute and do it right, you enlist only the best of the best. And, Jennifer Hudson is the best of the best. Not only does she deliver top notch vocals and sheer strength, the emotions she emits while performing truly sets her apart from the rest. She's not just a singer, she's a singer, and she was a friend of the musician's, which is what makes Hudson singing Prince's, "Purple Rain," at The Color Purple Broadway show so very fitting.

The best part about Hudson and The Color Purple cast's tribute though, aside from the astounding heart, talent, and emotion that was poured into the cover, might just be the introductory speech given beforehand, where the American Idol alumna spoke to the audience about Prince's passing and connected with them on a very human and universal level. Prince's death, and life, impacted so many people and there's just something comforting about being able to share that even with an audience of total strangers, even if the loss was quite personal for her.

She recalled Prince's kindness in once inviting her and the cast to meet with him, and told the audience,

We lost a legend, who was a good friend of mine, Prince, who was dear to all of us... He said his music will live on, he will live through his music. So, we want to keep him alive today with his song...

Not only did she include her cast members in the musical tribute, but she encouraged the audience to sing along as well. After all, what better way to honor him than with a full house singing "Purple Rain?"

Astounding vocals, heightened emotions, and audience engagement. A perfect tribute to a captivating talent.