What Size Rihanna Puma Fur Slides Should You Buy?

While the Rihanna Fur Puma Slides aka Fur Slide by Fenty have already sold out in most locations, there is still the chance of a restock or you can seek out a pair of the black, white, or shell shower shoes via a third party site. That said, the footwear has pretty much nabbed the crown as the shoe of Summer 2016. If you dig the comfy-looking slide with the faux fur strap and the Puma logo, which was designed by Rihanna herself, there is a critical detail you need to know about shopping these $80 shoes. What size Rihanna Puma Fur Slide should you get?

Rihanna Puma Fur Slide, $80, Amazon

The Puma website is abundantly clear about the fact that the shoes run large. It says it right there, in black and white, in the online product description. Actually, it's a red and white font, but you get the point.

Since the shoes are roomy, the brand recommends purchasing a size down. Therefore, you should purchase one size smaller than you normally wear. There are plenty of size charts on the web that can help you further calculate if you really need the assistance.

The Rihanna Puma Fur Slide is perfect for dressing up a casual, errand-running outfit. Or you can don these shoes while doing household chores for an instant and undeniable dose of glam.

Rihanna Puma Fur Slide, $80, Amazon

They are such turnt summer shoes. Since they are bigger, you can even wear 'em with socks, which is often a polarizing fashion move.

Here is this clearly posted note about the shoes running big and the official suggestion to buy a size down.

I nabbed a pair in black.

Bustle reached out to the Puma PR team to inquire about restocks of the Puma Slides. We'll keep you posted if we hear back.

These shoes sure have sole! And a fashion soul.

If you are planning to seek a pair of the shoes via third party, please be sure and fully consider the official sizing recommendation.

Images: Courtesy Puma (4); Puma/Instagram (1)