Cop Kylie Jenner's Puma Snapback

by Augusta Statz

Don’t get me wrong — this girl clearly knows how to go glam, but she kills it when it comes to athleisure, too. Because having a dress-down game as strong as your dress-up game is important. You can shop Kylie Jenner’s Puma hat for a laid-back look that’s just as fierce as hers. Not only does she rep the brand well, she’ll make you want to wear it right along with her. That probably has something to do with why Puma chose Jenner to be their brand ambassador. That, and she looks incredible in a pair of leggings and a baseball cap, to top it all off.

As far as athleisure goes, a baseball cap is the icing on the cake. I mean, a baggy sweatshirt along with a pair of leggings and sneakers is a great, on-trend look, but throw a snapback on to go with it, and you’ve completely nailed. your. outfit. I mean seriously. Just look to Jenner as an example, if you don’t believe me.

Her white t-shirt and black leggings are made instantly cooler by adding that Puma baseball cap. Plus, a hat will keep you from having to style your hair, and when you’re going for a dressed-down vibe, it just doesn’t get better than that.

Shop similar hats so you, too, can have Jenner’s major cool cat style. Then, see eleven other times she’s slayed in a snapback because she was repping this accessory long before she got this Puma gig.

Now, that's my kind of activewear.

Sophia 5 Panel Adjustable Hat, $22, Puma

This would instantly take your outfit to the next level.

Cat Adjustable Golf Hat, $14, Puma

Black and red combo? Good choice! Jenner would approve.

1. Trucker Style

She's bringing the '00s back, baby!

2. Covered In Fur

Only Jenner could make this furry cap look work.

3. Quite The Combo

A baseball cap and a hoodie make a killer combo.

4. Stealthy

Cap on, hoodie up. You almost wouldn't know it was Jenner under there. Almost.

5. Eye Spy

I see you looking all edgy in that hat, Kylie.

6. Travel Style

A hat will make your travel style so much better.

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7. Suede For Days

You want a sporty-chic kind of look? Get yourself a suede cap.

8. All White Everything

A white hat is sure to make your summertime white-wearing even better.

9. Snapbacks & Selfies

Snapbacks make your selfie game stronger.

10. Yeezy Style

When your outfit perfectly matches your shoes.

11. Coachella Cool

Caps even make festival style cooler.

Jenner just gets it. There's no going wrong with leggings as pants, a comfortable pair of sneakers and a hat on your head.

Images: Courtesy Puma (2)