This Simple Mistake Is Ruining Your Curls

Ever wonder why your tussled curls always seem to fall flat? The answer may be due to a simple hair styling mistake that we're all guilty of making. According to, one of the reasons that so many curled hairstyles fall flat is that we aren't giving the curls enough time to cool after styling. We tend to want to loosen our tighter curls immediately in order to get a more flawless look. However, according to hair stylist, Jacynda Smith, this is where it all goes wrong.

In the article, Smith points out that the cooling process is integral for a setting your hairstyle. "Think about steel: When it's hot, it is malleable and can be bent and molded," she states, "However, as steel cools, it holds form. Hair is similar in that where it cools is where it stays." The stylist goes on to point out that pinning the curls or allowing the strands to cool in your hand are great ways to ensure that the hair cools properly.

As someone who loves wearing curly hairstyles, I admit that I'm completely guilty of shaking out my strands post-curl. Who knew that this was the reason my hair was falling so flat? Instead of loosening up your locks, leave them in their place and allow them to fall out naturally. This will give your look better hold and dimension. Also, be sure to make to spritz the curls with hairspray for a locked-in style. Wondering what else may be messing up your hairstyle? Here are three hair hack videos that are perfect for learning how to keep your curls in their place.

1. Curly Hair — ASAP!

Get the curls of your dreams in under ten minutes with this easy tutorial.

2. Big, Bouncy Curls

Big, beautiful curls that won't fall? What kind of magic is this??

3. Curly Hair Hacks

Give your curls new life with these fun hair hacks.

See? Having perfect curls doesn't have to be a day dream.

Images: Pixabay (1)