The Stars Hollow Musical Is Going To be Huge

Stop everything that you’re doing, Gilmore Girls fans, because I have some big news out of Stars Hollow. On Wednesday Kerry Butler posted a picture to Twitter of her with the famed Kelly Bishop, and it looks like these two stage greats are going to be working together on the Gilmore Girls revival. But all of this incredible talent could mean big things for Stars Hollow. It’s been reported by Entertainment Weekly that the Sherman-Palladinos are bringing in the big guns for this Stars Hollow musical that is set to take place in the “Summer” episode. But this level of talent is sort of unheard of for a small town in Connecticut.

This isn’t Kirk doing an interpretive dance on stage much to everyone’s discomfort like this town is used to. This is some serious talent that is coming to Stars Hollow, because Kerry Butler is basically Broadway royalty. I mean, just one look at her Twitter feed, and you’ll get a sense for just how big of a deal Kerry Butler is in the musical theater world. Lining her feed are pictures with costars like Glee’s Matthew Morrison, Hairspray’s Marissa J Winkour, and even a Backstreet Baby (aka Brian Litrell’s son Baylee). Clearly, when it comes to stage presence, this girl’s got it in spades. But why all the huge talent for one small town musical?

Fans will have to wait until the series is released in full to find out for sure, but it seems like this reported Stars Hollow musical — which is set to tell the story of the town— is going to be huge. With Sutton Foster starring in the musical, Jeanine Tesori writing the score, and Kerry Butler taking on a role in the production, this musical is going to go down in Stars Hollow history. Kind of like that corn maze that covered the entire town.

So why all the super talented star power? Well, it could be as simple as the power of Amy Sherman-Palladino. Entertainment Weekly reports that the creator of Gilmore Girls said she chose them because they are “all [her] pals [she’s] worshipped from Broadway.” Whatever Amy Sherman-Palladino wants, Amy Sherman-Palladino gets, apparently. But it probably doesn’t hurt that she also produced Violet, the Broadway musical that Tesori composed and Sutton Foster starred in.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I guess that’s what happens when you’re beloved in both Hollywood and on Broadway.