When Are The Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Sticks Coming Out? Get Ready For Makeup Greatness

ABH has mastered brows, contour, and liquid lipstick, and now the brand is taking on something it has never tried before. . Not only are the colors pretty inclusive, the formula is on-the-go friendly, so you can only imagine how popular this stick product will be. Unfortunately, you still have a little bit longer until the new makeup launch, but it'll definitely be worth it.

From gorgeous lip colors to bold brow stencils, ABH has been known for products that make a statement. Now, the brand is taking on a classic makeup staple in its very own way. According to social media posts by Anastasia Beverly Hills president Claudia Soare, the new twist-up . She's been giving fans sneak peeks of the new products on her Snapchat, and seems to be just as excited about the new launch as ABH's devoted customer base is sure to be as well.

This is the company's first stab at a foundation, but if it's half as great as the brow and contour products from ABH it's sure to be a winner. I love the fact that the brand decided to do something a little different than your average liquid pump foundation, too. With only a few other , this is bound to be a stand-out product and must-have for makeup lovers.

The ABH foundation stick will have 21 different shades to start with. That's a whole lot of different skin tones, guys! Soare posted a tweet explaining how much work went into making sure the foundation had the widest color availability possible, which already sets this product apart from many others out there.

Soare followed up that tweet by saying that she's extra conscious about shade matching because of her own her skin tone.

Although ABH is known for brow, lip, and contour kits, the company offers much, much more. These products may not be as well known, but here are a few hidden gems form the brand that you didn't know you needed.

1. Concealer

, $20,

Bet you didn't know that ABH also has concealer! I'm guessing it'll become even more popular with the new foundation coming out.

2. Metallic Pencil Liner

, $18,

Metallics are super trendy in makeup right now, but it looks like the company already saw that coming.

3. Lip Primer

, $16,

Who knew that you could get a lip primer to go along with those famous liquid lipsticks?

4. Waterproof Eyeshadows

, $18,

Available in nine different shades, this waterproof cream shadow works great on its own or as a lid primer.

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5. Brow Serum

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced, $38,

While the brow colors were getting all the hype, you might have missed this serum that helps nourish the hair so it grows thicker. It's like a hair mask for your brows!

6. Makeup Brushes

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #20, $18, anastasiabeverlyhills.com

It doesn't have the biggest selection, but ABH carries some pretty unique double-sided brushes on the site as well.

7. Eyebrow Primer

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Primer, $21,

Because apparently all the best brows are primed first.

This brand seriously has it all!

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