Disney Needs To Marathon These Shows ASAP

Ever since Disney Channel announced they would be airing a Disney Channel Original Movie marathon, I have been keeping all my fingers crossed in hopes that the channel will feel compelled to dust off some of their classic shows next. How great would a Disney Channel original series marathon be? Unlike Nickelodeon, which has cashed in on the '90s nostalgia by creating The Splat block featuring favorites like All That and Rugrats, Disney has kept their classic shows like The Proud Family and So Weird in a vault somewhere. But, it is time to let those shows out, because if Disney thinks fans are excited over the upcoming DCOM marathon, they will be blown away by the response they will get if they break out That's So Raven.

With summer coming everyone wants to feel like a kid again, and the DCOM marathon is definitely going to help make that happen. However, if Disney is feeling extra generous they will consider airing marathons of some of their classic original series. Hey, I'm already tuning in for Girl Meets World, so Disney can trust I — and every other '90s kid — will be glued to the couch to see baby Shawn Ashmore in In A Heartbeat again.

These are the 11 Disney Channel series that needs to marathons immediately.

1. Lizzie McGuire

To be fair, Lizzie is more available than most old school Disney shows. The episodes are all streaming on Disney's video website. But, who wants to break out their laptop and sift through all 65 episodes? A curated selection of Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda's adventures is what the world needs. Lizzie still has plenty to teach her old fans while also imparting some knowledge to today's youngsters as well. Make it happen, Disney.

2. So Weird

Arguably Disney's best original series, So Weird's junior X-Files awesomeness has not been on TV in at least a decade. That is way too long for the world to go without seeing Fiona Phillips investigate banshees, werewolves, and aliens. The show also had truly incredible original music that fans would love to be able to hear again in its original form.

3. Recess

Recess is a crazy smart cartoon that kids today should have easy access to. It's all about playground hierarchy and the social system of elementary school — things that are totally still relevant for today's kids. However, for everyone who grew up with Recess a marathon would be the perfect way to once again worship forever life hero Spinelli.

4. That's So Raven

Disney recently added That's So Raven to their app, but it has been way too long since Raven-Symoné was being a fierce teenager on my TV. A marathon of Raven goodness would be hysterical and a great reminder of just how much fun traditional sitcoms can be.

5. Even Stevens

The world needs to remember Shia LaBeouf as Louis Stevenson. Louis is still his best character and that's not because LaBeouf hasn't done some great work since he was a kid, it is because Louis is a national treasure. The hijinks! Ren! Beans! Even Stevens is everything that is wonderful about the Disney Channel.

6. The Proud Family

OK, there are many, many reasons why I would tune into a Proud Family marathon, but I'm going to be straight with you, the main one is so I could absorb all of Suga Mama's awesomeness in one sitting.

7. Bug Juice

Remember all those summers you spent watching other kids at a camp on Bug Juice instead of going to camp yourself? A marathon would allow you to relive every blissful moment spent watching the drama and lanyard making of others.

8. The Famous Jett Jackson

This show had everything: there was action, comedy, show business intrigue, and a teen just trying his best to be a normal kid. Every episode offered show within the show action thanks to Jett's TV career, which would guarantee a marathon would have something for everyone.

9. In A Heartbeat

This show needs a marathon because the world needs to remember it exists. In a Heartbeat was crazy intense. Not only did it star young Shawn Ashmore and Lauren Collins, it was based on an actual group of teenage EMTs. Hey, what can I say, it was a different time, guys.

10. Kim Possible

There is a cartoon about a kick butt spy girl and a naked mole rat just going to waste. If Disney marathoned this show I would not leave my couch until I had watched every flawless moment.

11. Flash Forward

Hey, Disney might as well go old school and show their first ever original series all about the insanity of eighth grade. The references may be dated, but the struggles of being a tween never really change.

Bring on the marathons, Disney! Your '90s kid audience is waiting.

Images: Disney Channel; Giphy (10); Disney/YouTube