11 Easy Festival Projects For The Non-Crafty

Festival season is officially upon us. And, while this time of the year makes crafty ladies go wild, it doesn't hurt to check out festival DIY projects for the non-crafty. After all, even non-Martha festival goers deserve a creative spin on their ensembles.

From festivals to outdoor concerts, any event that embraces good tunes and good times is the perfect opportunity to rock something offbeat and edgy. In fact, outrageous outfits, clothing, and accessories are typically encouraged at music festivals. This is where DIY comes in to save the day.

Fortunately, you don't need to be a pro to take on a handmade project. The simplest ideas can make the greatest impact. Plus, novice ideas are enough to transform a well-loved shirt or pair of sunglasses. All it takes is a little guidance and a bit of confidence. That is where this list comes in. Plus, it's the best way to save old items from the depths of your closet. Spring cleaning, anyone?

As if that wasn’t enough, making festival pieces will save you a pretty penny. Many of the ideas on this list of beginner-friendly projects can be made with items from the thrift store or your own closet. Win!

1. Cut Box Top

In recent years, cut-out clothing has gone from trend to staple. To take it on, check out this easy version by Fall for DIY. Just grab an old t-shirt and cut away; it's as easy as that. Plus, it's comfy enough to wear as you dance the night away.

2. DIY Floral Sunglasses

Proper sun protection is crucial during festival season. It also doubles as another reason to make adorable accessories, like these shades at eHow by Geneva Vanderzeil. Simply glue and let dry. Done and done.

3. DIY Fringe Shirt

It goes without saying that fringe is a festival must-have. Want to sport the classic fringe t-shirt? Visit Mr. Kate for an easy tutorial. It's the best way to rescue those old, worn-in tees.

4. Faux Gold Cuff Earrings

Make a statement with this faux gold earring tutorial by Fall for DIY. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make a funky yet simple piece that will match every single one of your festival outfits.

5. DIY Flapper Headband

Want to bring in some sparkle and shine? Head to Darice Crafts to learn how to make a girly headband using just a few supplies. Just glue it and go.

6. Rhinestone Bra

For another way to glam it up, embellish your bra with a healthy dose of rhinestones. Don't worry about creating a picture perfect pattern; just have fun with it! Learn how to make it at eHow.

7. Pineapple Espadrilles

Treat your feet well with a pair of comfy espadrilles. You can even dress them up with Fall for DIY's short and sweet pineapple shoe project idea. It sure beats trudging around in heels after an entire day of dancing.

8. Embellished Gem and Flower Trim Shorts

What's a festival without a pair of spruced up denim shorts? This tutorial at eHow proves that the simple act of gluing lace trim and gems can transform anything.

9. DIY Pompom Scarf

Depending on where you're located, things might cool down as the sun starts to set. Stay warm throughout the night with this flirty pom-pom scarf at eHow. It can even double as a shawl or headband.

10. DIY Kimono

You don't need to be a seamstress to create wispy, festival-friendly clothing. This DIY at Verily Magazine demonstrates how to make a flowy kimono with nothing more than fabric, scissors, and fabric glue.

11. Embellished Backpack

When it comes to concerts, keeping close tabs on your essentials is crucial. Do it with style by toting everything around in a personalized embellished backpack. Feel free to go crazy with the trims and choose whatever suits your fancy. Find the DIY at Wild Amor.

Images: Fall for DIY; eHow; Mr. Kate; Fall for DIY; Darice Crafts; eHow; Fall for DIY; eHow; eHow; Verily Magazine; Wild Amor