Bey's First 'Lemonade' Song Is Haunting

Beyonce's Lemonade is here and it's intense. The HBO special opened looking very much like the trailer that premiered last week. But what could the lyrics to Beyonce's first Lemonade song mean? The haunting song "Pray You Catch Me" opened the HBO special accompanied by gorgeous scenery in a segment titled "Intuition." The chorus she sang included the words, "Prayin' I catch you whispering / I'm prayin' you catch me listening."

It sounds like Bey is dealing with a person she wants attention from. "Doors lead to trap doors," she says, in spoken word. "Where do you go when you go quiet," she continues. "You remind me of my father / A magician / Able to be in two places at once." Many people are speculating that perhaps the person she's talking to is husband Jay-Z — and perhaps Jay Z is cheating on her. Could this be the end of Jay and Bey? Is she talking about the secrets of a marriage — hers or her parents' own marriage? First, let's look further into the lyrics.

"What are you hiding / The past and the future / Merge to meet us here," she speaks. "What luck / What a f*cking curse." Ouch. Then she goes for the jugular when she sings the following verse:

Nothing else ever seemed to hurt like the smile on your faceWhen it's only in my memoryIt don't hit me quite the sameMaybe it's a cause for concernBut I'm not at easeKeeping my head to the curb

Sounds like Bey isn't happy with someone else's secret joy and it's haunting her. She sings, "I'm praying you catch me" right before she dives off a building. And because it's Beyonce, she does not die, but she lands in a pool of water. And as she's done many times during Lemonade, Beyonce quotes the poet Warsan Shire. "I tried to change / Closed my mouth more," which is a line from the poem "For Women Who Are Difficult To Love."

And that was just Lemonade and Bey getting started. Listen to the full album on Tidal.