Did Jay Z Cheat On Beyonce? 'Lemonade' Hints At Allegations


Hell hath no fury like Beyonce scorned. Her HBO special, aka art film Lemonade, implies that her husband Jay Z cheated on her. Yes, the Twitterverse seems to think Lemonade, which is also a digital album, is about Jay Z cheating on Beyonce. Fans, viewers, the Beyhive, and more are furiously responding to the content and the lyrics, which reference infidelity multiple times. At one point, Bey demands to know, "Are you cheating me?" She also drops lyrical science about regretting putting a ring on it and sings (more like snarls) about "Becky with the good hair" as though she were a mistress. Is Bey trying to tell us something in a thinly veiled and artistic way? Is she revealing to the world that her husband Jay Z cheated on her?

It's certainly heavily suggested in the passionate music and verbal barbs. My initial interpretation was that Beyonce was taking the cliche of making lemonade out of life's lemons and applying it to real life. With titles in the HBO special like "Anger" and "Accountability," there's not really a lot of subtext going on here.

Is Beyonce so highly evolved that she is able to mine her pain as source material for an entire album and forgive Jay Z at the same time? It's quite possible. But then again, her father and former manager Mathew Knowles was unfaithful to her mother Tina, so this whole thing could be entirely conceptual.

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Even so, Beyonce seems to be making some accusations about infidelity and they are about someone she loves.

In her song "Sorry," one of the verse says:

In her song "Love Drought," the tune starts:

The song "Pray You Catch Me" starts:

And then there's "Hold Up," which begins:

"Don't Hurt Yourself" paints a vivid picture:

Perhaps it's her song "Freedom" that says how she really feels:

The chorus of "All Night" seems to hint at time healing wounds:

And again on "Hold Up," which has a great, bouncy beat, she doesn't mince words:

On "Sandcastles," she gets whimsical:

If Jay Z did have the audacity to stray and be unfaithful to Beyonce of all people, it doesn't seem as though they are divorcing. Lemonade does feature the Hova during a ballad that seems to be about forgiveness.

The special also ends with an executive producer credit for Beyonce Knowles Carter, which is telling. Later in the special, she also sings about a fixing things, so it ends on a note of hope. Draw your own conclusions.

Bustle has reached out to Beyonce and Jay Z regarding the divorce and cheating allegations, but has yet to hear back.