The 1 Image That Shows How Bey Feels About Jay Z

Beyoncé's long awaited HBO special Lemonade is certainly delivering — especially considering no one really knew what it was until it premiered. The digital album is a combo of art and music that's intense, haunting, and incredible. To give you an idea, "Anger", "Accountability," and "Redemption" are title names. The first song, with lyrics like "You remind me of my father / A magician / Able to be in two places at once" and "What are you hiding / The past and the future / Merge to meet us here," even ended with Bey diving off of a freaking building (don't worry she was OK) but naturally, fans can't help but wonder what the deeper meaning behind all of this is. Is Lemonade about Jay Z? Did Jay Z cheat on Beyonce? Are Beyonce and Jay Z getting a divorce? Is she making lemonade out of lemons? Or is this simply a brilliant album drop with some deep sh*t going on?

Bustle reached out to representatives for Beyoncé and Jay Z but has not yet received a response. But there is an important clue that may shut down the speculations and divorce rumors running wild on Twitter, and it's all in the very last second of Lemonade — her name in the credits:

It's a confusing time to say the least, but this should give you some glimmer of hope.

Images: HBO GO