Why Beyonce Fans Are Freaking Out On Rachael Ray

After the release of Beyoncé's visually stunning Lemonade on HBO, fans have been trying to work out who this "Becky with the good hair" from the track "Sorry" is so they can yell at her on the Internet. So when fashion designer Rachel Roy posted on her now private Instagram feed, "Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. live in the light #nodramaqueens," Bey fans went on the attack — except some of them mistook Rachael Ray for the similarly named Roy.

You know Rachael Ray as the wonderfully peppy celebrity chef who teaches the world how to make delicious 30-minute meals and super creative hamburgers. She is basically a national treasure, and yet at the moment, her Twitter and Instagram feeds are being inundated with lemons, bees, and wild accusations from Bey fans. If Bey's supporters weren't being so aggressive, the case of mistaken identity would be hilarious, but the truth is neither Rachael nor Rachel should be Internet bullied over a song lyric. While Ray hasn't commented on being unexpectedly confused for Roy — she is too busy showing off pictures of her adorable dog Isaboo in honor of Pet Parent Day — Roy has made her stance on Internet bullying clear.

Meanwhile, no matter how many times people point out that Ray is not the Rachel Beyoncé fans are looking for, Ray's feed continues to get more and more clogged up with silly comments and more lemons than Ray could use to turn into tasty pasta sauces in a lifetime. What will it take to end the madness? Ray only wants to share tasty recipes and cute dogs with you, people, and yet this is what she gets in return:

A ton of lemons...

Taunts about her 30 minute meals...

Threats to stay away from Jay- because he would not be at fault in this hypothetical scenario, for some reason...

This guy who at least suggested a viable new TV show idea...

And all of this nonsense on her Instagram feed:

Am I going to have to make a leave Rachael (and Rachel) alone video? Bringing Ray down for something she's not a part of at all is not OK, although I hope that she is having a good laugh over all of this as I type. After all, Ray has proven in the past that she is aware of the devotion Beyoncé inspires in her fans. Back in 2013, the host tweeted:

Sadly, she is seeing the worst side of Bey's fandom right now, not the best. If Beyoncé fans want to send some positive vibes out into the universe in support of Queen Bey, then they should spam Ray and Roy with positive comments, not criticism. Ray is as amazeballs as they come, and Roy is an accomplished person with some mad fashion design skills and a willingness to stand up to bullies.

Besides, Beyoncé is a fierce slayer who doesn't need anyone to fight her battles, not even a legion of confused fans. Bey, Roy, and Ray don't deserve the hate they're getting. After all, Ray is a celebrity chef who definitely did not have an affair with Jay-Z, Roy is a kickbutt fashion designer, and Bey is an amazing music icon who probably does not want her fanbase wasting their time trying to find the bee and lemon emojis on their phone to attack other women.

Everyone on the same page now? Good because I need to go watch Lemonade again and start a campaign for Ray to invite Roy on her show so they can drink fresh lemonade together and laugh over the silliness of the Internet.