10 Times Larry Wilmore Bashed Donald Trump To Get You Pumped For The White House Correspondents' Dinner

The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore will be hosting President Obama's final White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 30. Wilmore has been a keen observer in the 2016 presidential primary thus far, keeping viewers apprised of the state of the race in his recurring segment "Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening" which is probably one of the reasons why he was chosen to head up D.C.'s infamous "Nerd Prom." Unfortunately, this year it seems impossible to ignore the political rise of The Donald. So, here are 10 times Larry Wilmore bashed Donald Trump to get you ready for what is sure to be a rollicking White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Wilmore has been following the rise of Trump and his faction of the GOP for much of his show's existence, and hasn't pulled any punches when discussing the slumlord's sudden rise to political prominence in the Republican Party. From December, when he was questioning his own sanity over He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named, to this week, when WIlmore was railing against Trump's offspring for failing to register to vote for their father in due time, Wilmore has been covering the Trump phenomenon with gusto. Here's hoping that this year's WHCD is the last one in which we'll have to hear about Trump's absurd antics.

Wilmore Questions The Logistics Of Arresting Trump For Inciting Violence

Ol' "Tiny Hands" is at it again — inciting violence and fomenting discontent.

That Time Rand Paul Called Trump "A Delusional Narcissist And An Orange Faced Windbag" And Left Wilmore Speechless

Sometimes Wilmore just provides the platfrom for other personalities to verbally spar with the so-called real-estate mogul.

Admitting He'd Rather Watch Cosby Reruns Than Caucus For The Donald

This wasn't the most intense "Keep It 100" question that Wilmore has had to answer from viewers, but at least he has his priorities somewhat in order. (Although why caucusing for the Democrats wasn't an option is beyond me!)

Calling Trump Out On His Abortion Views

Instead of getting angry at Trump himself, Wilmore decided to outsource his indignation to Holly Walker before reporting on Trump's flip-flopping. When he says "women have agency" in that annoyed, clipped tone, it's so obvious that Wilmore is done with Trump's medieval views on abortion.

Admitting He'd Hire Megyn Kelly As A Nightly Contributor To Prevent A President Trump

In another "Keep It 100" segment, Wilmore admitted that he'd hire Megyn Kelly and not censor her point of view to prevent a Trump Presidency. Now that's a pretty strong commitment to stopping demagoguery.

To "Schlong" Or Not To "Schlong," That Is The Question

Wilmore asks a Jew for clarification on whether or not "schlong" is a noun or a verb, and asks if a certain someone will get "schlonged" in November.

"Romney And McCain? You Mean Loser, And War Loser?"

Nightly Show contributor and uncanny Trump impersonator Bob Dibuono reminds the audience how the real Donald probably refers to former GOP presidential nominees Romney and McCain in his head.

Asking Who Is More Batsh*t Crazy: Trump Or Cruz?

This one is relatively self-explanatory, yet the existential crisis triggered by this thought has been one of the primary drivers behind the "immigrate to Canada" web traffic. Probably.

Giving Trump's Kids Some Helpful Advice

Two of Trump's offspring, including one who made a YouTube video telling New Yorkers how to register as a Republican, were apparently unable to vote for their dad in the New York election, and Wilmore has a helpful idea to remind them for next time.

"Does Trump Have A Racist Egg Timer Or Something?"

It's almost like he can't help but say something racist at regular intervals.

Wilmore has been doing the good work of going after Trump's seemingly endless capacity to embarrass himself, the Republican Party, and to some extent, the American people. Nerd Prom will be just the place for Wilmore to showcase his comedic stylings, while having a solid laugh at the expense of Trump and what remains of his dignity.

The White House Correspondents' Dinner is April 30, and will be held in Washington, D.C.