Drake's 'Summer Sixteen' Tour Is Well-Named

When the rapper first announced his upcoming tour dates, the first thing that jumped into my brain was — why is Drake's tour called "Summer Sixteen?" Actually, no, the first thing that occurred to me was, "Why are you and Adele and Beyoncé all doing this to my wallet in the same summer," but right after that I turned to my friend and was like, "Wait, is 'summer sixteen' a real thing? Is that a phrase I should know?" He assured me it was not, so I switched over to just assuming it was named for the amount of tour dates it contained. But then I actually took a look at the list, and it had way more than 16 dates — 32, to be precise — so I knew that couldn't be it. So, I rolled up my sleeves and took a deeper dive, and here's what I discovered, since I know I can't be the only fan wondering.

The "Summer Sixteen" tour is named after a Drake track of the same name, released Jan. 30, 2016, that's supposedly the lead single off of Views From The 6 . I say "supposedly," because I'm not entirely convinced this album will ever see the light of day, and I'm tired of getting my hopes up only to get burned. And yes, I'm fully aware that the release date is Apr. 29, mere days away, but I won't believe it until the album is safe in my hot little hands. Fool me 2,983,423 times, shame on me.

But anyway, "Summer Sixteen" will be leading the charge on the upcoming album, so it makes perfect sense that Drake and Future's collaboration would be named after it. Also, it's hard not to notice the connection between "Summer Sixteen," and the fact that this will literally be THE SUMMER OF 2016. It works on so many levels.

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