21 Summer Headbands That Aren't Flower Crowns, Because It Isn't 2012 Anymore — PHOTOS

Another festival season, another summer, and another return to the ultimate accessory — the flower crown — are all upon us. But if you, like me, have realized that flower crowns have become more or less basic, then you probably want some alternative summer headband options: Something a little more chic, as well as a bit more unique than another fake rose affair.

I may sound a little harsh, but I only want to warn others about the overrated-ness of flower crowns before summer actually hits and embarrassment ensues. It's easy enough to fall back on a style staple that will always look cute, but, IMO, it's better to reach forward for something new. So ditch your floppy hat and flower crowns and come find the perfect summer hair accessory for the hot months ahead.

Some of these pieces are a bit simple, while others are still OTT; but most importantly, they're all summery in a way that doesn't rely on cliches. If Miranda Priestly can say, "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking," I too can push the same sentiment towards flower crowns. At least for the sake of your Instagram followers, please consider breaking out of this 2012 trend and setting your sights on a new favorite summer accessory. I'm personally in love with crystal crowns, but hopefully you can find something to adore, too. These are my favorite alternative headband options.

1. A Little Bit Wooden

Wallpaper Hair Crown, $104, asos.com

A little something similar to ease you into things, this wallpaper-inspired hair crown gives off total floral '60s vibes that feel more authentic than trend-following.

2. Something Pretty Precious

Rose Quartz And Amethyst Headband, $59.38, etsy.com/crystaleclipsecrowns

This precious stone crown will make you look like a Pagan princess — and since it's totally hand crafted, you can ensure that nobody will have a headband quite like yours, wherever you go.

3. Grecian Goddess

Metal Leaf Headband, $14, topshop.com

Something you may have previously seen at a toga party is now a chic summer accessory.

4. Feeling Fruity

Pineapple Print Head Wrap, $3.90, forever21.com

Casual, cute, and representing my favorite fruit: What more is there to want?

5. Minimalist Magic

Arrow Chain Hair Tiara, $13, asos.com

Simple yet effective — the kind of hair accessory that doesn't actually hold any hair back, but just highlights how lovely your locks are.

6. Princess Of The Party

Metal Crown, $64, urbanoutfitters.com

Move over King Kylie, there's a new league of royalty coming through.

7. Pom Poms Forever

Mini Pom Pom Headband, $10, asos.com

This headband is just the cutest. I wish pom poms would get the same amount of attention and adoration that flower crowns do.

8. Birds Of A Feather

Feather Headchain, $8, boohoo.com

Why not replace flowers with something equally pretty?

9. Sneaky Flowers

Floral Chain Headband, $5.90, forever21.com

Because you don't have to give up on flowers entirely — maybe just modernize them a bit.

10. Oh Gatsby

1920s Art Deco Headband, $36, etsy.com/sixfeathersstudio

If you want something dramatic and OTT, this headband is the one for you.

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11. That '70s Look

Circle Turban Headband, $10, asos.com

When you get into channelling different decades, you'll likely find that having style will become so much easier.

12. Simply Stones

Devonshire Circlet Headband, $28, urbanoutfitters.com

Give off some otherworldly, Game Of Thrones vibes with this simple but effective headband.

13. Keep It Crochet

Scalloped Crochet Headband, $3.80, forever21.com

Vintage feels and undeniable prettiness come with this crocheted headband.

14. Crystal Queen

Mystic Quartz Crown, $59.38, etsy.com/crystaleclipsecrowns

It's another crystal crown, but a totally different take on the look. Handmade and customizable, you can choose between silver, gold, or rose gold wire.

15. A Bit Backwards

Leaf Hairpiece, $13, asos.com

Not your traditional headband, this piece is a beautiful reversal of what you might expect from a hair accessory.

16. Lovely In Lace

Pretty Lace Headband, $16.50, asos.com

There's something super angelic about this lace headband, isn't there?

17. Night Skies

Moon And Stars Headwrap, $20, urbanoutfitters.com

Because who doesn't love a moon motif?

18. '20s Style

Art Deco Headband, $22.20, etsy.com/gatsbylady

This beaded number is a perfect shout-out to flapper style and the age of art deco.

19. Real Princesses Only

Crystal Princess Tiara, $14, boohoo.com

Why have a flower crown when you can have a real one?

20. A Twist In The Tale

Twisted Headband, $2.90, forever21.com

Who would've thought something so simple could be so elegant?

21. How Charming

Charm Crown Headband, $13, asos.com

What's better than a charm bracelet? A charm headband, duh.

So if you want to spend your summer looking more "effortlessly beautiful" than "trying too hard," consider investing in a few fun headbands for the hotter months ahead.

Images: Courtesy Brands