What Does 5 Planets Being Retrograde Mean For Gemini? These Quick-Witted Twins Are In For Some Trying Times

If you've been feeling a little off recently — a little strange — it may be because four different planets are retrograde right now. Yep, four: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Pluto. And on April 28, Mercury will go retrograde as well, leaving us with a grand total of five. The most in over a decade. So what does five planets being retrograde mean for Gemini? Oh ho ho. Things. Big things.

Now, I personally am a Libra, but I'm a Gemini moon. I recently had my charts done, and I found out that your moon sign supposedly represents your inner emotions and feelings, while your sun sign, the one determined by your birth date, embodies how you present yourself to the world. A lot of astrologers suggest checking horoscopes for both your sun and moon sign, so that's what I'm doing — checking my moon sign's five-planet-retrogade forecast and then preparing accordingly. And by preparing, I mean panicking. Not a lot, just, like, you know, the appropriate amount.

For Geminis, who are big talkers and big thinkers, Mercury retrograde is probably the toughest of the planets to deal with because, hello, it's all about communication. And Geminis, who tend to love sharing themselves with others, are also all about communication. Ugh, poor, quick-witted Geminis. You'll get through this. I promise. Since you guys love gathering information, here is enough astrological information to hopefully take your minds off this whole "communication lines are scrambled" thing.

1. Jupiter


Jupiter was the first of the planets to turn retrograde, on Jan. 7. When Jupiter is retrograde, your personal growth and expansion is affected... and by affected, I mean it stops entirely. People can feel stalled out and helpless when Jupiter retrograde zaps all their externalized energy. And as big external energy dudes with some restless tendencies, this can really bum Geminis out. But bckle down, put in some extra effort, and you should be able to push through this.

2. Saturn


On March 25, Saturn turned retrograde as well. As the "karma" planet, a retrograded Saturn tends to impede your moving forward, whether it be physically or emotionally. Since Gemini rules the nervous system, leaving Geminis a li'l bit tense and wound up sometimes, this whole "moving backward" thing can honestly be really annoying. Use that brain power to strategize more effective ways of moving forward.

3. Mars


Mars is a more recent addition to the retrograde lineup, having turned on April 17. Mars affects energies, specifically the aggressive, angry kind. And oh, Geminis, you are so quick and smart, but with that dual personality thing you have going on, you have a bit of a reputation for being, um, volatile. So while you may be feeling some serious impulsive urges, try to gain some self-control and a modicum of inner peace. Try some yoga! Or meditation! Something to get your mind to quiet down a bit.

4. Pluto


Pluto turned retrograde on April 18, and with it came some serious soul-searching vibes. Geminis, with your dual nature of internal and external energy, you can really benefit from indulging in some internal peace-having and self-love. Get blissed out. You need it.

5. Mercury


On April 28, Mercury will turn retrograde and remain that way until May 22. As big communicators, Geminis tend to be hit particularly hard by the communication mix-ups brought on by Mercury retrograde. It's OK, my fast-thinking, fast-talking babes. I know it may feel like your lifeblood has been taken away, but Mercury will not be retrograde forever.

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