Amy Schumer Teases Her Movie With Jennifer Lawrence & Makes The Wait Even More Painful — VIDEO

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence seem to be the Hollywood BFF match made in heaven. Between their quick jokes, their laid-back attitudes, and their overall lack of a filter, these two are dominating comedy. And that domination is going to keep going considering Schumer and Lawrence are writing a movie together, one that's sure to be a comedy and that's sure to make us laugh as hard as their ridiculous antics and hilarious interviews. Until then that movie comes out, or a trailer actually drops, fans are just going to have to piece together what may be in store on their own. Thankfully, Schumer revealed details about the Jennifer Lawrence movie in a new interview with Vanity Fair. Not a lot of details, mind you, but there's no such thing as too little.

The comedy reportedly being written by Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, and Amy's sister, Kim Caramele, features Schumer and Lawrence as sisters. However, as Schumer points out in her lastest Vanity Fair interview — where she's seen critiquing Jennifer's past interviews — their characters in the film may be closely based off of their friendship and actual personalities. I'm getting vibes that the highly-anticipated comedy could, in an indirect kind of way, be based off of their own lives. And, of course, all of the new details Schumer gives about the film they're writing only makes me wish we were getting a behind-the-scenes documentary of their script writing process as well.

Vanity Fair on YouTube

"We write each other into the script," shares Schumer. "The two of us and my sister are writing a movie and we'll write character descriptions of each other. So, I'll be like, 'This troll from Kentucky.'" Which, you know, is how Schumer chooses to describe the Hunger Games star, because you can do that when you're friends. Odds are that the hilarious mocking tone will continue from the pages of their script to the big screen. However, that also doesn't mean that the quality of the script's writing isn't going to be on par. "Jen's definitely done a lot of writing before that she's not allowed to cop to," Schumer further explains when responding to Lawrence's comments on the screenplay writing process. "But she's a great writer."

Other than impressive writing skills and character descriptions without boundaries, what else can Schumer and Lawrence fans look forward to? Hopefully, the real life story of Lawrence peeing in a bidet. At the end of the interview, both Lawrence and Schumer discuss the time when the actress peed in a bidet with the comedian explaining, "That girl, she sees a bidet, she’s going to piss in it.” And while we don't really end up getting many details on why or when that happened, it certainly is one questionable encounter between the two of them that could certainly be omething they could add into the script. Just throwing that idea out there.

As of right now, the film doesn't have a title, release date, or even an exact day in which they will start filming. However, I have a good feeling that this film let Schumer and Lawrence's sister-like friendship really shine through.