This ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Photo Could Mean Big Things For Michel — PHOTO

It isn’t every day that you see two of your favorite characters in all of television history just hanging out, casually sharing a meal and shooting the breeze. But with the entire cast of Gilmore Girls is back on the Warner Brothers lot shooting the Netflix revival, that sort of thing does happen every day. So when Yanic Truesdale posted a picture of himself with Kelly Bishop, my hearts skipped about a thousand beats. Because there isn’t anyone that I love more than these two actors. As Michel Gerard and Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls, they make up the dream team of acting talent if you ask me. But could the fact that Truesdale is posing for pictures with Bishop be a sign that big things are in store for Michel Gerard in the revival?

It’s very possible. Sure, these two are probably old friends after seven years of working together on the original Gilmore Girls series, but they were also rarely in actual scenes together. It’s totally possible that their bonding happened in between shots, but the fact that these two have been spotted together over the length of filming the past few months could also mean that Michel is playing a bigger role in the revival that previously thought. If he’s interacting with Emily Gilmore, especially, it could mean that he will be a familiar face in all four episodes.

We already know that the Gilmore Girls revival will delve even deeper into Michel’s personal life, but with these two in cahoots on the set, I’m wondering if Michel will be more involved with the entire Gilmore family. Like, could he be apart of the wedding planning that is rumored to take place? As the front desk manager of the Dragonfly Inn, he has plenty of organizational skills that could be of use in planning a wedding. Not to mention, if the wedding happens to be at the Inn, he would play a significant role in the preparations.

Considering that Yanic Truesdale has been posting pictures from the Gilmore Girls revival set for a number of months, I think it’s safe to assume that his role will be sizable. As one of the original cast members, it would wonderful if Truesdale played a big part in the revival. If I had my way, he totally would.