‘Bitten’ Won’t Return For Another Season, But These 11 Supernatural Series Will Help Fill The Void

Monday night, the Canadian series Bitten, which airs in the United States on Syfy, comes to an end after three seasons. Though Bitten will not return, sometimes the best way to get over a series is to dive headfirst into something new. What are some good shows for Bitten fans to watch now that the show is all over?

Fortunately, if you're into a show about werewolves and witches, finding a new obsession is easy. There are so many shows, past and present, that have put their spin on some kind of supernatural lore or myth. From Charmed and Xena: Warrior Princess to Grimm and Shadowhunters, you're always going to find something magical on television. Werewolves may not be as popular as vampires (no disrespect to Team Jacob), but they have a fair representation on television over the years.

It's a genre that never goes out of style, and you may have already seen several of my suggestions. However, if you need new ideas or need prodding to finally knock something off of your queue, here are my suggestions for shows that Bitten fans are sure to love. While it's sad the show is over, at least there are plenty of options that scratch similar itches and make those post-series blues a little bit easier.

1. The Vampire Diaries


OK, this might seem like a given. But if you haven't watched that other supernatural series about a girl named Elena, now might be the time to start.

2. Instant Star

This isn't a supernatural series, but it stars a young Laura Vandervoort as Sadie Harrison, the older sister of a burgeoning recording artist. It's a different role, and super fun.

3. Being Human (UK)


It's not always as epic as Bitten, but it's one of my favorites. Being Human is about a werewolf and a vampire who move into an apartment that's haunted by the ghost of a girl who died there. There's an American adaptation on Syfy, but I recommend starting with the original.

4. The 100


Say you want to move on to something that's currently airing, this post-apocalyptic series is available on Netflix and is about to wrap up Season 3.

5. Hunters


If you want to remain loyal to Syfy, this series about alien terrorists just started — so it won't take long to catch up and get invested.

6. The Magicians


Now this other Syfy series is based on a book series, much like Bitten, and it has also just started. So get into it!

7. True Blood


Like TVD, if you haven't seen the HBO series based on Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries, it is a worthwhile journey.

8. Lost Girl


Another Syfy (and Canadian) series with kickass female characters and supernatural elements. Instead of a werewolf, this show is about a succubus, and is tonally pretty similar to Bitten.

9. Warehouse 13

This older Syfy supernatural series also stars Genelle Williams, who played Rachel on Bitten.

10. Orphan Black


Have you not watched Orphan Black? Stop what you're doing right now and start this show. It's more science fiction than fantasy, but it's so good.

11. Buffy, The Vampire Slayer


Finally, once again, it's always a good time to start the journey that is Buffy, and it might help fill that gap. Or you could be really crazy and start with Angel, the spinoff series that features a female werewolf, if you really want to stay in a Bitten mindset for as long as possible.

Images: Shane Mahood/Syfy/She-Wolf Season 3 Productions; Giphy (9); trash-walker, queenfearless/Tumblr