Shalyah Fearing Sings Miley Cyrus On 'The Voice' & Makes Fans Everywhere Proud

The Voice's Shalyah Fearing is impressive, to say the least. She is the youngest in the whole competition at age 16 and she is repping Team Adam very well. Even so, she has built a reputation for her skill as a gospel singer. But, on Monday, she stepped out of her wheel house and shined. Voice star Shalyah Fearing sang a cover of Miley Cyrus' "The Climb," and it was the perfect metaphor for her journey in this competition. Oh, and she totally slayed the performance and showed everyone how diverse her singing talent really is.

Before the performance aired, Shalyah's coach Adam Levine explained that this song was a great choice for Shalyah and demonstrated that she can excel with a variety of songs. Levine said, "Miley would be proud of Shalyah. She's really showing that she can do anything and that's an important skill." Then when talking about how the meaning of the song related to Shalyah's climb to be a successful singer, Levine said, "The emotion is there. I feel what you're singing. This is going to be a big moment for you." And, he was so right.

Christina Aguilera said the song "had a great story" and was "so ironic to everything [she] was going through." She also mentioned that it was "nice to hear something different from the gospel choices [she] has done."

Pharrell chimed in, saying, "You didn't do what you've done in the gospel world, but you could still feel the gospel in you. And, you could feel that this was aspirational for you." And he said that "a lot of girls [her] age could relate to that performance."

Levine continued with the praise, saying, "I love you. You're amazing." And, fans pretty much all agree. Shalyah is really living the dream as the youngest person in the competition and is holding her own while impressing us all.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC