Paxton Delivers A Powerful 'Voice' Performance That Leaves Everyone In Awe

Even though Paxton Ingram is a member of Team Blake on The Voice, it was actually coach Pharrell Williams who inspired the direction of his performance on Monday. Pharrell told Paxton, "You not only like singing a song, but you like lifting people when you do it. You should sing something inspirational because I'm sure you would light these people up." Paxton Ingram gave a powerful Voice performance of a song that he has performed at his church. Paxton sang "Break Every Chain" by Tasha Cobb and completely brought down the house. He definitely came through on that inspiration.

All of the coaches absolutely loved his rendition of the song, and they all got up on their feet to give him a standing ovation in the response. He really got the audience going with that performance and everyone couldn't help appreciating it. Pharrell described Paxton's rendition as "an unleashing of power." He also said, "Now America and Miami, the 305, know who Paxton is." Paxton definitely made an undeniable impact with that performance.

Adam Levine said this was "the perfect song and the perfect thing for you to take all that skill that you have and put in all this soulfulness," Adam also remarked that he was "blown away." The real kicker was when Adam admitted, "I gotta say as much as hurts me to my core to give [Blake Shelton] credit for anything, you guys really put together an amazing situation and I'm super proud."

Shelton thanked Pharrell for the idea and Levine interrupted by saying, "Basically Pharrell just coached Paxton. Good job, Pharrell." Shelton added, "This was the first time I feel like you opened your heart up to everybody out there."

Aside from the playful banter about giving Pharrell more credit for helping Paxton than Shelton did, everyone can agree that Paxton really established himself at this point in the competition and came through when he needed to.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC