Michael Got Fired On 'Jane The Virgin' & Is Forced to Face The Harsh Reality Of Unemployment

Money is always sticky situation and has a nasty habit of coming between family and friends. Whether you're lending it, borrowing it, or simply trying to obtain it, things just tend to get awkward when the almighty dollar is brought into the conversation. So you can imagine how stressful things became when Michael announced he'd been fired on Jane the Virgin . That's right, our sweet and lovable Michael is now unemployed for the first time in a long time, thanks to an article that came out about him and his botched Sin Rostro case. Apparently, the article embarrassed the department quite a bit, so they needed a fall guy and Michael was the obvious scapegoat.

Technically, he explained to Jane that for now he was being put on unpaid leave for the next six months, so it he wasn't actually fired yet, but it's all pretty much a formality at this point, meaning his police officer days could very well be done. (His reputation is pretty much shot right now.) Obviously, this was a huge personal blow for Michael, but now that he's about to marry Jane, it's bound to impact her as well. They just signed a lease on a new house and that mortgage is going to need to the help of two incomes in order for the payments to be made.

Pretty stressful, right? But, in a weird way, Michael has never felt more relatable to me. Life can throw a ton of obstacles your way and facing unemployment is most definitely a very real and very common cross we've all had to bear at one point or another. Everything has been going so well for him and Jane, so it makes sense to throw a wrench into their happily ever after, because that's just how this great thing called life works sometimes.

And while on the one hand, I want to believe that Michael no longer being a cop will put his life in less danger, however, I fear, if anything, this extra publicity will only pull him more into Mutter's radar. He may not wear the badge any longer, but that doesn't mean his life won't still be at risk on a daily basis. So basically he's unemployed and his life is still in danger. #thestruggleisreal

Image: Michael Desmond/The CW