Is Kathryn Dennis Friends With The 'Southern Charm' Cast? She & Some Of Her Co-Stars Seem To Be On Good Terms

The third season of Bravo reality series Southern Charm has not been a chill pitcher of sweet tea for the woman who burst onto the scene with a pair of iconic false eyelashes two years ago. Whether she is arguing with ex-boyfriend T-Rav, being rushed to the hospital due to pregnancy complications, being excluded from Patricia’s flamingo party, or speculating that there might be more to the color periwinkle than meets the eye, things are not exactly coming up Kathryn. (Well, except for that whole cosigning thing. At least that panned out in her favor, right?) As Jennifer told Craig on Monday night's episode, Kathryn could use a buddy more than ever.

This season's SC cast can be divided into two categories: There is one contingent that likes Kathryn, and there is one that cannot stand Kathryn. Apparently, as far as Kathryn's concerned, there's no such thing as apathy or indifference.

Curious to see if Kathryn’s relationship with her costars has changed since the latest installment of the Bravo show wrapped, I did some light Instagram sleuthing after Monday's ep. The verdict: According to social media, she’s currently chummy with everyone I assumed she’d be chummy with.

She’s Pals With Jennifer

I mean, duh.

She's Pals With Shep

Well, aren't they a pair of darlings!

She’s Chummy With Craig, Naomie, & Cooper

Unrelated: Is that fox real?

She’s Chummy With JD & Danni

And as for T-Rav, Landon, Patricia, Whitney, and Cameran?

*Reads a few piping hot tweets.* Ehhh, maybe we shouldn't hold our breath for that full cast reconciliation.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; just10things/tumblr