Patricia's Flamingo Party On 'Southern Charm' Was Almost Dereailed By Thomas, But At Least Cameran's Hat Was There

Raise a glass of pink bubbly, because the flamingo party is here! On last Monday’s Southern Charm , we saw Patricia and her well-scarfed party planner discuss the pink and feathery get-together she intended to host at her humble abode (and by “humble abode” I definitely mean “wondrously regal estate”). Well, much to my delight, the flamingo party has flapped its rosé-colored wings right onto our TV sets: On Monday’s episode of the Bravo reality series, Pat welcomes a few dozen Charleston socialites and 144 inflatable pink flamingos into her backyard. Though the guest list doesn't include Kathryn, both T-Rav and Jennifer are present and accounted for. And both the ex-boyfriend and the best friend of the non-vitee definitely ruffle a few feathers while they are at the flamingo party. Namely, each other's.

To say T-Rav and Jennifer are at odds is a bit of an understatement; Jennifer believes T-Rav is not supportive of Kathryn, T-Rav believes Jennifer is a pot stirrer, and neither believes the other has Kathryn’s best interests in mind. Shortly after Jennifer (and her flamingo headband) arrive to the party, T-Rav confronts her. T-Rav tells Jennifer that Craig told T-Rav that Jennifer told him (oof, I think I have the bends) that T-Rav didn’t visit Kathryn while she was hospitalized due to some pregnancy complications, but T-Rav insists that he did go to the hospital. Jennifer counters that he didn’t stay overnight, T-Rav accuses Jennifer of lying to Craig, Jennifer insists Craig must've misunderstood what she said about T-Rav and the hospital visit, T-Rav counters that Jennifer stresses Kathryn out, Jennifer counters that T-Rav stresses Kathryn out, T-Rav asks Jennifer to stop getting in the middle of his complicated relationship with his ex, and Jennifer replies that she’s the only person who Kathryn can trust right now.

“It would be nice if the father of her kids was the other one,” Jennifer says. A chill runs down my spine.

There’s some more yelling, they agree to go their separate ways, there's some chugging of water, there’s a covert phone call to Kathryn, Patricia observes the “a spy in [their] midst,” and Jennifer leaves the party.

Now, before you're like, "Sounds like a hot mess of a night," I leave you with this:

Cameran wears a stuffed toy flamingo on her head.

Just look at it.

And she never removes that beautiful chapeau. Cameran is forever my hero.

As far as I'm concerned, the flamingo party (and that flamingo hat) are a total win.

Images: Paul Cheney/Bravo; Bravo (3)